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Article Bot Scandal: Is Article Bot Spying on its USERS too?

If you are a black hat search engine spammer, odds are you’ve heard of Article Bot. Article Bot is one of the most recognized brand names in Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. During the past few days there have been some discussions about what spying the Article Bot Software might do on its users.

Now, it would be easy for me to just look the other way on this story and push Article Bot by puting up an affiliate link. But I’m not going to do that unless we we can get to the bottom of all this.

Throughout the day, I watched as went from:

Tons of Information that included: Cached version of Blogger Article Bot Scandal Blog.

1 .Article Bot connects to a domain owned by Andy Skinner to do a license check
2. Article Bot creates and uploads a copy of the first spun file to his domain
3. Article Bot deletes the uploaded spin file from the user’s local machine
4. Article Bot creates and uploads a copy of the user’s sitemap for the project
5. Article Bot deletes the uploaded sitemap file from the user’s local machine

As you can see, Article Bot has been receiving a copy your templates and keywords from every project you’ve created. This has been going on at least from build 1114, and most likely the full life of the software. Article Bot is getting a copy of everything you do.

The blog was trimmed to this version by 6:00 pm on 8/19/2005

I am removing everything that tells you how to test it out. I’m removing the instructions on how to safeguard yourself. I’m removing the proof of everything.


it’s current state. (almost nothing)

We have archived the information in the original posts on SEO Black Hat as a service to you, our readers. If you own Article Bot, please do your own due dilligence on this one and tell us if the information in these archives is true or not:

SEO Black Hat’s Archive of how the Article Bot Scandal Blog existed at 1:00 pm 8/19/2005

SEO Black Hat’s Archive of how the Article Bot Scandal Blog existed at 6:00 pm 8/19/2005

Your thoughts and comments on this one will be greatly appreciated.

Yahoo and Synd8- Two more Filthy Black Hat Spammers

Here are two more examples of Search Engine “Spam” by big name companies. The first is classic SEO Black Hat spam. Computer Generated almost 200,000 pages at sub domains of their main site, stuffed them with keywords, and stuck adsense on the pages. For details, check out the Syndic8 gets Wiped by Google – WordPress Style threadwatch discussion.

<applauding>Fantastic Work boys!</applauding> (except for the getting caught part.) However, when they were caught and banned by the search engines, they just took down the black hat spam pages and their site was unbanned – just like what happened when WordPress was caught.

The lesson is: if you are big enough, you can get away with anything when it comes to Search Engine Spamming. What are the Search engines gonna do? Not list WordPress and Syndic8? yea right! It’s like having diplomatic immunity – the normal rules / laws just don’t apply.

So why do these reputable companies engage in SEO Black hat strategies?

The answer is obvious. We’ve all seen the business model:

Step 1. Make a Website
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit.

In case you were wondering, Step 2 is Implement SEO Black Hat Strategies and Tactics.

Next, I would like to take a moment to welcome Yahoo to the SEO Black Hat Fraternity. We know their representatives specifically call hidden test / color on color text in a page spam.

Highlight between the “different code on the next code on the next screen” and the close window button on this yahoo link and you’ll find white on white that reads:

Visually impaired or blind users: We can help you register. So that a customer care representative can contact you, please provide your phone number in addition to your required email address when you contact us by pasting this URL into your browser:

If you’re like “that’s not Spam – that’s for the text readers the Blind use, you jackass!” Then could I write in black on black text:

“Visually imaired or blind users: This site is about Keyword, Keyword (verb), keyword (noun) . . . etc” ?

hmmm . . . i might try that!

Now while I don’t call this Spam, (for me SPAM is SEPRs Positioned Above Mine), it does fall into Yahoo’s definition. So Yahoo only get’s a technical addition to our club.

Yahoo – consider yourself on probation. While, technicaly, you are an SEO Black hat, you’re going to have to step it up a notch to keep your SEO Black Hat membership card.

SEO Black Hat- Enabling Googlezon and The Greater Good?

In oder to really understand what the hell i’m talking about it would help if you watched this 7 minute movie clip. The Mid- 2004 Clip documents a fantasy future of the the Internet and talks about when Google buys Amazon to become Googlezon. It’s really pretty cool and damn worth the 7 minutes.

But for all you lazy asses who can’t be bothered to watch, here’s a snippet from the film:

[Googlezon finally checkmates Microsoft with features the software giant cannot match. Using a new algorithm, Googlezon’s computers construct news stories dynamically, stripping sentences and facts from all content sources and recombining them. The computer writes a news story for every user.

Essentially, the highly personalized web of the future will use scrapers and computer generated content to deliver exactly what you want to you in exactly the form you want. The content will be the most relevant for your search queries and will be delivered in exactly the tone and manner you like best. But who is really pioneering the computer generated content, the rewording and content scraping technology of the Web?

The SEO Black Hats.

Not only do SEO Black hats challenge the search engines to become better , to come up with more relevant results and to think deeper about why something is most relevant, but we are also pioneering the technology that will create a better experience for the end user.

Without someone trying to exploit the weakness in the current search engines, blog software and other web services, why would they have any reason to improve?

And as the search engines get more advanced, the SEO Black Hats get more advanced. We have already evolved from Mad Lib Spam to more advance rewording algorithms that will soon be indistinguisable from human type.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t engage in SEO Black Hat tactic to let my altruistic tendencies shine through – I just love the cash. But we black hatters are inadvertently a force that will bring more good than harm to you – the end user.

Mad Libs Search Engine Spam

Do you remember Mad Libs? Mad Libs were these little pamphlets with stories in them. However, the stories had several missing words, with instructions to insert a verbs, city or town, a food (singular) or something like that in the blank spaces. The game was played where one person asked the others to supply the missing words. Then you’d read them back and everyone would laugh.

Mad Libs Spam

I remeber at lunch in 3rd grade, this girl and I were playing Mad Libs and got in trouble for putting curses and sexual inuendo into mad libs. I had to go to “The Principals Office” and the school called my parents.

So what is Mad Libs Search Engine Spam? Well as the name implies, it’s setting up a program to do basic find and replaces with keywords so you have both “original content” and keyword stuffed pages. You put up a 20,000 pages like that with different keywords stuffed in each one, you get spidered and people find your site. That’s the basics of simple Black Hat Mad Libs Search Engine Spam.

The search engines are getting better and this basic mad libs spam will get you banned when they catch you. Today, search engine spammers are using software that “evolves” pages by rewording sentences, replacing keywords and reordering sentnces and paragraphs. The better the content generation software, the harder to tell it’s content stolen and reworded by a machine.