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The Most Cutting Edge SEO Exploits No One is Publishing

You know that the best SEO Black Hats are doing something more than scraping, using a site generator, comment spamming, and pinging to be raking in more than $100k per month.

But what is it?

Right now, there is way too much good stuff that I simply can’t publish on the SEO Black Hat blog. If I posted these tactics and exploits they would immediately get all the wrong kind of attention. The detailed conversations about how exactly to abuse search engine algorithms, generate massive traffic, and what other Black Hats are doing must remain underground to retain their effectiveness.

But what if I told you that you could discuss these exploits with me without paying my $500 an hour consulting fee? What if I told you there was a way to join in on the private, cutting edge discussions with some of the best Black Hats and web entrepreneurs in the world?

Would you be interested?

Because now you can . . .

Today is the official launch of the resource you’ve looked everywhere for but never found:

The Private SEO Black Hat Forum

Normally what you get on forums are people who don’t know anything talking with people who don’t want to say anything. You can occasionally find amazing tips on some forums: but you have to dig through 400 crappy posts just to find one post that is useful. That becomes a huge time sink.

How are the SEO Black Hat forums different?

Quality: We’re not going to have any contests to see who can make the most posts. That just creates tons of crap that no one wants to read. Our focus is on quality over quantity. Our primary concern is with succinctly answering one question: “What works?”

Sophisticated: Many of the topics we discuss are very advanced and require a high level of technical or business acumen to appreciate.

Expert Discussions: The SEO Black Hat forums are not for everyone and they may not be right for you. If you are relatively new to SEO or building websites, then do not join the SEO Black Hat Forums: you will be in way over your head. There are plenty of newbie forums out there for you – this is not one of them. Our forums are for successful web entrepreneurs to develop strategies that drive more traffic and generate more revenues.

Forum Membership Benefits

Access to Expert Advice and Discussions
We have both White Hat and Black Hat Experts that are already benefiting from new tool development, techniques, scripts and the sharing of ideas.
Some members you may already be familiar with include:

* CountZero from (Black Hat)

* RSnake from (Web Security Expert)

* Dan Kramer from Kloakit (Cloaking Expert)

* Jaimie Sirovich from (Token White Hat / SEO Geek)

There are several other members that you are certainly familiar with who are using handles for anonymity. We have others who are more focused on security, vulnerabilities, and coding. There are still more that you are likely unfamiliar with but are nevertheless web millionaires.

Databases – Large Datasets
If you want your sites to have massive amounts of unique content you need large data sets. The trading, discussion and posting of large data sets is going on right now on our forums.

Expired / Deleted Domain Tools
Want to use to use the same domain Tool that I used to get a Page Rank 6 site in the Gambling Space for just $8? This domain tool is available for members to use for free.

50% off on Kloakit – The Professional Cloaking Software

Scripts – Several useful scripts have already been posted – interesting thing you may not have thought of before are being discussed and developed.

Exploits and Case Studies: The really good stuff I can’t talk about on the SEO Blackhat Blog is being discussed on the SEO Black Hat Forums. Right now, some of the conversations include beating captchas, domain kiting, data mining, hoax marketing, XSS vulnerabilities as they relate to SEO, and much more.

Pricing: $100 per month.

The price will soon be rising significantly as more databases, hosted tools, scripts and exploits are added. However, once you lock in a membership rate it will never go up and you will continue to have access to everything.

So, if you think you’re ready for the most intense Black Hat SEO discussions anywhere, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Register at the SEO Black Hat Forums.

2. Go to the User CP and select Paid Subscription.

I’ll see you on the inside!

Web Directories and SEO

I know not everyone who reads SEO blackhat reads SEO book. Aaron has a comprehensive post on the SEO Relevancy of Web Directories that is certainly worth a look. It includes:

1. What Quality signs to look for in Directories
2. A list of 40 Web Directories and their possible SEO Benefit
3. Which ones provide the greatest value
4. Some tips on Directory Submission
5. How the Different Search Engines Count Links in the Directories
6. Discussion of the potential fall of the Directories.

If you wanted to know something about Web directories and their effect on SERPs, odds are it’s covered there.

DMOZ Editorship For Sale on Ebay

DMOZ Editor For Sale

There are plenty of important directories on the web, but the most important is arguably the Open Directory Project:

I’ve decided to auction off one of my DMOZ editorships. The ebay listing is here. It reads:

1. What is this Ebay auction for? is selling the Editorship for a Google-Page-Rank 5 Category page in – The Open Directory.

2. What is The DMOZ? – The Open Directory Project is the largest, most comprehensive human-edited directory of the Web. It is constructed and maintained by a vast, global community of volunteer editors.

3. What do Search Engines like Google have to do with the DMOZ?

Google is not directly associated with the DMOZ. But the 3 major Search engines (MSN, Google, and Yahoo) all use the DMOZ to help Determine what search results they should return towards the top. If a site is in the Open Directory, it is considered more important than if it is not.

4. How Exactly Does Google use the Information in the DMOZ?.

Sites that are listed in the DMOZ are more likely to appear at the top of Google Search Results. In addition, Google often takes the description from the DMOZ instead of the Meta tag “description” for the write-up that appears with the search results.

5. Why don’t I just sign up or volunteer to be an editor?

Be my guest. According to their site:

Signing up is easy: choose a topic you know something about and join. Editing categories is a snap. We have a comprehensive set of tools for adding, deleting, and updating links in seconds. For just a few minutes of your time you can help make the Web a better place, and be recognized as an expert on your chosen topic.”

But that’s all bullshit.

Even if you hold a doctoral degree in a topic and apply 10 times, odds are they will never even look at your application, much less approve it.

Why? Because the DMOZ is corrupt. They know they have power and they don’t want to relinquish it to people like you.

6. What do you mean “The DMOZ is corrupt?”

Editors change the URLs of the links to domains freequently to make sure they don’t rank well. One week it will be the next will be the next will have a “/” after it, sometimes they will even direct it to Because both the age of a link and the exact link location are important to Google, changing this information will hurt the ranking of the listing.

7. What else can you do as an editor?

Most importantly, you decide which sites get in to the directory. When you are an editor of a category in the DMOZ you can edit the titles and descriptions to be as favorable or unfavorable as you like. You can give any listings in the category bland descriptions with no keywords or spruce it up for your listings or your friends listings. Right now, if you visit some of the categories, you can play the “spot the good listing game.” It’s easy to tell who’s an editor or friends with an editor.

8. What category is this editorship?

I’m sorry but you are bidding on a blind category with a Page Rank 5. If I mentioned which category it was for before receiving the money, the editorship might be revoked. Obviously it’s not mortgages, adult, or gambling or I wouldn’t be selling the editorship. However, it is a niche that has profitable keywords.

9. Can I make money as a DMOZ editor?

People understand that the DMOZ is corrupt and will often attempt to bribe you. When you are with a corporate client, you can easily charge $1,000 or more for a DMOZ listing. It is both that important and extremely difficult to get listed.

10. What’s the Best reason to buy this DMOZ editorship?

If you do SEO or Web Marketing for a living and can’t get your client into the DMOZ, you are a failure. If, however, you become an editor in the DMOZ, you will have access to the DMOZ message boards and will be able to network with all the other editors. When these editors are your friends, they’ll be happy put your clients sites in the directory. Don’t forget, it’s much easier to switch categories or take on additional categories once you are “on the inside.”

11. If a DMOZ editorship is so great, why are you selling it?

I own 3 category editorships with different logins. I’m only selling one of them.

Free One-Way Page Rank 6 Link for 60 Days

Best of the Web is a directory project that has been running for 11 years. Many of their category pages are Page Ranks 5 and 6.

Some categories have as few as 10 total outbound links. These are NOT nofollow links so they ARE spiderable by all the search engines.

When I got this e-mail, I signed up:

We would like to take this opportunity to notify our existing members that Best of the Web is now offering a FREE 60-Day Trial on all Category Sponsorships! No Obligations. No Charges. No Kidding!

60 Days Free Online Advertising!!

The Best of the Web Premium Sponsorship program allows webmasters the opportunity to enhance their online visibility. Your premium sponsorship is displayed at the top of a relevant category of your choice as well as in BOTW search results. Learn More

Your first Premium Sponsorship is FREE for 60 days. The free trial period is limited to ONE sponsorship per person. Choose a relevant category and Start Your Free Trial Today.

Details of the Free 60 day offer are here at BoTW.

Check out the BoTW directory here.

Let’s see, 60-days Free on a page rank 6 with 11 outbound links – no obligation? That’s a no-brainer.