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The Most Cutting Edge SEO Exploits No One is Publishing

You know that the best SEO Black Hats are doing something more than scraping, using a site generator, comment spamming, and pinging to be raking in more than $100k per month.

But what is it?

Right now, there is way too much good stuff that I simply can’t publish on the SEO Black Hat blog. If I posted these tactics and exploits they would immediately get all the wrong kind of attention. The detailed conversations about how exactly to abuse search engine algorithms, generate massive traffic, and what other Black Hats are doing must remain underground to retain their effectiveness.

But what if I told you that you could discuss these exploits with me without paying my $500 an hour consulting fee? What if I told you there was a way to join in on the private, cutting edge discussions with some of the best Black Hats and web entrepreneurs in the world?

Would you be interested?

Because now you can . . .

Today is the official launch of the resource you’ve looked everywhere for but never found:

The Private SEO Black Hat Forum

Normally what you get on forums are people who don’t know anything talking with people who don’t want to say anything. You can occasionally find amazing tips on some forums: but you have to dig through 400 crappy posts just to find one post that is useful. That becomes a huge time sink.

How are the SEO Black Hat forums different?

Quality: We’re not going to have any contests to see who can make the most posts. That just creates tons of crap that no one wants to read. Our focus is on quality over quantity. Our primary concern is with succinctly answering one question: “What works?”

Sophisticated: Many of the topics we discuss are very advanced and require a high level of technical or business acumen to appreciate.

Expert Discussions: The SEO Black Hat forums are not for everyone and they may not be right for you. If you are relatively new to SEO or building websites, then do not join the SEO Black Hat Forums: you will be in way over your head. There are plenty of newbie forums out there for you – this is not one of them. Our forums are for successful web entrepreneurs to develop strategies that drive more traffic and generate more revenues.

Forum Membership Benefits

Access to Expert Advice and Discussions
We have both White Hat and Black Hat Experts that are already benefiting from new tool development, techniques, scripts and the sharing of ideas.
Some members you may already be familiar with include:

* CountZero from (Black Hat)

* RSnake from (Web Security Expert)

* Dan Kramer from Kloakit (Cloaking Expert)

* Jaimie Sirovich from (Token White Hat / SEO Geek)

There are several other members that you are certainly familiar with who are using handles for anonymity. We have others who are more focused on security, vulnerabilities, and coding. There are still more that you are likely unfamiliar with but are nevertheless web millionaires.

Databases – Large Datasets
If you want your sites to have massive amounts of unique content you need large data sets. The trading, discussion and posting of large data sets is going on right now on our forums.

Expired / Deleted Domain Tools
Want to use to use the same domain Tool that I used to get a Page Rank 6 site in the Gambling Space for just $8? This domain tool is available for members to use for free.

50% off on Kloakit – The Professional Cloaking Software

Scripts – Several useful scripts have already been posted – interesting thing you may not have thought of before are being discussed and developed.

Exploits and Case Studies: The really good stuff I can’t talk about on the SEO Blackhat Blog is being discussed on the SEO Black Hat Forums. Right now, some of the conversations include beating captchas, domain kiting, data mining, hoax marketing, XSS vulnerabilities as they relate to SEO, and much more.

Pricing: $100 per month.

The price will soon be rising significantly as more databases, hosted tools, scripts and exploits are added. However, once you lock in a membership rate it will never go up and you will continue to have access to everything.

So, if you think you’re ready for the most intense Black Hat SEO discussions anywhere, then here’s what you need to do:

1. Register at the SEO Black Hat Forums.

2. Go to the User CP and select Paid Subscription.

I’ll see you on the inside!

$400 Digg and Contests – Easy Money

Can contests get any easier? It will probably take you about 15 seconds to enter both.

Check out the details of how to win the contest. I have a feeling that some of you might enter more than once.


Good Luck!

Greasemonkey Script for XSS Link Building

In the spirt of putting more guns in the hands of children, we bring you more ways to create inbound links with cross site scipting.

Rsnake must have finished moving and unpacked his computers because he has created a Grease Monkey Detection Script for XSS (Cross Site Scripting).

Here’s the crappy redirect detection Greasemonkey script. I don’t recommend using it, because it sucks, but it was a good proof of concept.

Now granted a good chunk of these do not work, but that actually shouldn’t matter much. Without even testing, sending multiple possible attempts to Google, even if 80% of them fail, it’s not like you are giving anything up, you are sending valid links that probably have some custom error logic. It just looks like you are linking to a lot of custom error pages, potentially. So pruning the redirect attack list may or may not help.

SEO by spray and pray. Hat tip to v7n.

Making More than $10K per day on .gov Frame Exploit?

Well this one is already out and on the boards so I’d be remiss in not reporting it here. If you look on the first 2 pages of Google Results for Viagra and other pharmas, you’ll see that someone has been using:

to help them in the SERPs.

Page one on Google for Viagra will net you around $10K per day.

Getting a string like this indexed and inserting the recipient of the link in the place of “” will a page that appears in frame like this:

.gov Redirect Black Hat SEO Exploit

If you add the Framebuster Javascript to your web page, the frame will be broken and the user will be directed to the target site.

Google is already on it. So don’t use this technique if you cannot afford to have the target site banned. And of course, if you’re thinking of using this technique as part of a phishing expedition, you just might have trouble updating your sites from federal prison.

Goodbye World Wide Web.

Goodbye word wide webb

I’m not a fan of excess words, letters or complexity. That’s why all of my sites are “www-less”.

The www dinosaur is dying. Rob points to Microsoft as evidence the www is dying in his post Bye Bye World Wide Web Post” (via Nivi):

To formally kick thing off, Microsoft has launched Max. It’s been great Web. Heh, we never did get around to explaining to the people what the heck “http://www.” means, but we’ll always cherish the dotcom years together.

Canonical Issues such as having, and all hosting the same content can cause problems with the search engines. The value of your page (let’s call it, I don’t know, “pagerank”) can be reduced if some links point to and others point to Being listed separately in search listings may negatively affect where your site shows up in the SERPs.

The WRONG way to solve this problem is by sending a 404 whenever someone neglects to type in the www -that’s just silly. Yes – some people actually still do that.

I invite you to say goodbye to the world wide web (www) like I did by adding lines like these to your .htaccess file:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)${REQUEST_URI} [R=301,L]

This mod rewrite in the .htaccess removes the www and redirects it permanently to a non www url.

The other thing you should do is check through your site and make sure there are no instances of the “index” file name in any of your hyperlinks. The most common place to find this error is on a “home” link that shows:


It is always preferable to instead have:

Redirect your way out of the sandbox

On Search Engine Watch, DaveN started an interesting discussion about how to use well aged domains to get other sites out of the sandbox.

I’m not sure if this method works or not as I’ve never tested it:

1. Find 3+ year old domain that Google crawls (that’s not in the sandbox)
2. Create subdomain on it (
3. Copy entire “newsite that’s in sandbox” to the subdomain
4. Modify dates on these files to just a few months after the old domain was first registered (make site appear older)
5. Get the subdomain indexed (summon googlebot with an inbound link to
6. After the subdomain is indexed, 301 redirect it to the newsite that you want out of the sandbox.

Sounds like it might work. By all accounts, Dave Naylor is a pretty savvy guy, so why not give it a try?

GoogleBowling SEO Black Hats for Hire

If you are #6 in Google for “Keyword Search Phrase” and the 5 competitors above you get removed from Google’s Index, you would be number 1.

Well, that’s not just wishful thinking anymore. SEO Black Hat GoogleBowling is now a reality.

The term Google Bowling was coined by Terry on threadwatch and elaborated on by Greywolf in April of 2005.

So what is GoogleBowling? At it’s simplest it’s using anchor text to bowl over, or sabotage another website.

According to Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, Google engineers, and Google’s March 2005 patent application, what is done off site can negatively effect a site’s rankings in Google’s search engine results. Including:

Purchasing Site Wide Links
Many links having the same exact anchor text
Links from “Bad Neighborhoods”
“Sneaky” Redirects AKA Doorway pages
Using Cookie Cutter sites
Keyword Stuffing
Automated Querying of Google

That means, if your competitors starts using tactics like poorly cloaked doorway pages and buying site wide links, they may get penalized, sandboxed or even banned.

So, why not take the initiative and buy this search engine spam for your competition??

SEO Black Hat is now a gun-for-hire. We will not engage in hacking, fraud or anything that is illegal. However, today SEO Black Hat will begin brokering Google Bowling Services.

Specifically our a-la-carte Googlebowling services will include:

1. Links from bad neighborhoods to ANY site you want:
a. (Domain) Site Wide links on 1000+ page spam site
b. Obvious Computer generated content
c. All the Same Anchor Text
d. WAY over keyword stuffing (10% or more per page – total spam)
$100 per Spam Site – No maximum!

2. Java Scripts or “un”-sneaky Redirects to ANY site you want
a. AKA moron cloaking – easy to detect
b. Hidden text./ Gibberish on every page!
$100 per thousand doorway pages – No maximum!

3. User Agent Doorway pages – to ANY site you want
a. less easy to detect – but can be reported
b. Hidden text./ Gibberish on every page!
$100 per thousand doorway pages – No maximum!

4. B&P Splog Spam – $100 per thousand posts from a .info domain pointing to any URL you want..

We are working through the details on these tactics and more:

5. Mass Automated Querying of their URL in Google.

6. Referral Spamming

Googlebowling is a tactic to consider only after you have exhausted all on site SEO.

It will probably take more than a few infractions to affect a sites rankings. We don’t recommend even trying to Google Bowl a competitor with less than $2500 worth of search engine spam.

It may take tens of thousands of dollars of Google-Bowling to affect all the sites that rank above you for a keyword phrase – with no guarantee of success. Some sites cannot be effectively Google Bowled at all.

But if you make a significant amount of money per sales, why not give it a try?

How much does climbing just one position in the SERPs help? (SERPs are “Search Engine Result Pages”)

How about 5 positions?

If 80% of surfers click on the #1 Google result and only 20% click on the #6 result, that would mean 4 times more clicks. Many companies make more than $5k profit per sale off the web. Including: Attorneys, Plastic surgeons, Drug Rehabilitation Facilities, Brokers, Business Consultants. . .etc.

For some businesses, 1 position in 1 Google Search Term Result could result in $50k or more in monthly fluctuations.

Keep in mind that Google’s official position is:

Fiction: A competitor can ruin a site’s ranking somehow or have another site removed from Google’s index.

Fact:: There’s almost nothing a competitor can do to harm your ranking or have your site removed from our index.

If anyone cares to test that statement, SEO Black Hat Google Bowlers are now for hire.


Note: We have plenty of search engine spamming capacity. But if you have the tools and would like to make money Google Bowling, please register with SEO blackhat and send us an e-mail.

Thank you Google for creating this revenue opportunity by giving people like us the power to Googlebowl.

Getting PHP Redirect URLs Indexed by Search Engines

A while back, when our hats were still gray, we started using php redirects for our PPS (pay per sale) affiliate links. We did this so that when we wanted to change from one sponsor program to another, we could change the code in just one location – the php redirect file – and have it populate throughout our sites.

One day, we started noticing unusually high CTRs for certain sponsor programs. We were happy about it, but still scratching our heads a little. Finally we realized that our PHP redirect pages were being indexed on the 1st and 2nd page of MSN for many search terms.

So, a surfer would do a search, click on our indexed link and be taken directly to the affiliates sell page with our tracker ID attached. Now, redirects like this are not that uncommon for us except for one thing: we weren’t cloaking on these sites!

Many of these PHP redirect URLs still populate the top pages of MSN SERPs.

Some of our adult webmaster friends tell us that they have had similar experiences getting their CCBill referral URL indexed by MSN and Yahoo. CCbill is an affiliate aggregator that independently tracks clicks, joins, rebills . . . etc. Instead of sending surfers directly to the affiliate, you would send them to CCbill so their system could track the user: CCbill uses a php refresh (or possibly a meta refresh) similar to the ones I set up when sending to affiliates.

Now, I really don’t know why our php redirect pages are coming up higher in the MSN SERPs than the sponsor’s sites, but I’m sure not complaining.

My best guess is that because my sites generally perform very well in MSN, they have a high MSN “page rank” (for lack of a better term). Therefore, when these pages point to another URL, they might have “throw” in the MSN algorithm.

So the two obvious questions ares:

1. Should I use php redirects to send to PPS affiliates?

That is a question you have to answer for yourself (or your client) depending on your (their) risk /reward tolerance. Because no cloaking is involved, I’m not even sure if this is a Black Hat SEO tactic or not. Short answer – Yes.

2. How can I set up php redirect pages?

Instead of putting a hyperlink like on your web pages, put links like . This php file is the one line of code:

<?php header(‘Location:’) ; ?>

As always, anchor text matters as does the context of the page your are sending from.

Note: If you don’t understand that you need to put your actual link codes & tracker IDs of the affiliate program in the above code instead of “”, go here for training.

How to Fake a Google Page Rank 10 . . . or any PR you want

So you want to get into link exchanging, but no one wants to trade with you because your page rank sucks.

Guess you need to spoof a reasonable Google PR like a 5, 6 or 7.

Well the good folks at SEOdarkteam (among others) demonstrate how you can spoof or fake a PR 10 or any Page rank you want.

Here’s how you Spoof a Google Page Rank:

1. Buy a domain.
2. 301 Redirect the domain either in you .htaccess, PHP header (anything server side) to a page with the desired page rank. It’s better to redirect to something relevant. For example, if you are doing a mortgage site, redirect to a mortgage site.
for php the code is:

header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);

3. Link to the page with the redirect from another of your sites that gets regularly spidered by Google. Since you use the Alexa Toolbar, you should have several sites that are spidered daily by google.

4. Wait for google update. Google Updates happen about every three months. The last update occured the week of July 15th, 2005.

5. Now you use cloaking software that says:

if(ip is in list) (list of google IPs){
header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);
header(‘Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1’);
//Show your site

The main drawback is that your site will not actually be indexed by Google as long as you are redirecting the Googlebots to your competitors site, so it’s really only good for link selling / trading.

BTW, don’t claim to have a certain PR when you are selling – that’s fraud.

This further illustrates how useless Page Rank has become in measuring a sites importance.

Buyer Beware.