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Bloggers Wanted: Paying Up to $200 Cash Per Post

Are you about to publish a completely awesome post about SEO, Web-Spam, Landing Pages, or Social Media?


Before you press that publish button on your blog, consider this:

I will pay you up to $200 cash to post it exclusively here on

Fame, Fortune and Love

What more could you want?

  • Fame: Posting here will get you exposure. seoblackhat gets more than 10,000 visitors per day and even more read our RSS feed.
  • Fortune: Alright, maybe $200 isn’t quite a fortune, but it’s a better deal than your getting for posting it on your own blog.
  • Link Love: A permalink from The site has never been penalized, enjoys a PR 5 and gets plenty of search engine traffic.

It’s an awesome deal if your article gets accepted But. . .

Your Article Will Probably Be Rejected

Nothing personal, it’s just that most articles suck. I’m not looking for filler, I’m only looking for great articles. Don’t even bother submitting anything that isn’t fucking awesome.

Blogging Tips

Here’s a quick rundown of things that will help your great article get approved and get you paid:

1. Make a great headline, a magnetic headline. On average, 5 times more people will read a headline than will read the entire article.

2. Include Eye Catching and relevant graphics.

3. Use Interesting Sub-headers.

4. No Paragraphs Over 5 lines long. Small paragraphs are easier to read.

5. Use Bullets or Lists.

The Deal

The pay is 5 cents per published word up to 1000 words. There is a 100% bonus if the post gets popular on digg, or stumble and a 300% bonus if popular on all 3 (that’s a max of $200).

Your article may be edited before it is published. You are selling the article and all future copyrights to me.

Don’t be a shitbag and submit an article that isn’t yours or that has been published elsewhere. It’s just not worth it: trust me on this one.

How to Submit an Article

Create a wordpress account here. Use your Paypal email address so I can send you money.

Then go here, post and save. If you press “save and continue editing”, you can preview the post to see how it looks. You can Include an italicized signature at the bottom of the post of up to 200 characters with one link to your site. – You sig will not be included in your word count.

If I approve the post, you’ll get paid. It’s that simple. It’s the best deal out there – so why not take advantage?

Get started now.

54 Proven Headlines Templates That Sell

Airport magazine stands – What are they good for? Killing time between flights and showcasing the types of headlines that sell magazines.

If the headlines do not draw people in, these impulse magazines do not get purchased. How does this help you? By analyzing and mimicking what works in magazines headlines in your Blog Post titles you will get more clicks, more reads, more links, and more money.

Below you will find a select list of the 54 Headline templates crafted to help jump start your headline writing success:

100% of ______ you need.
How to _________ in ____ easy steps
________ on Demand
______ from anywhere.
______ from your home.
A marriage of _______ and ___________.
_______ for any occasion
Instant _______
The healing power of ________
______ quiz. How do you measure up?
Mind Blowing _______
Are you out of the Loop about ______?
Don’t _____ without reading this!
(#) Secrets for _______
Need a _____?
The ______ Bible.
Todays _____ are tomorrows _____.
Climb Aboard _____________
______ that will knock your socks off.
Break Free with ______
_____ Breakthroughs!
It pays to _____.
Solve all your _____ needs
The hottest _____ anywhere!
Make _____ work for you
Imagine Yourself _____
Create Your very own _____.
________. Here’s How.
A relaxing way to _____.
Put _____ to work for you!
_____ for Lovers.
The perfect alternative to _____.
Experience the Thrill of _____.
A truly Innovative way to _____.
The (#) essentials for/of _____.
Why now is the right time to ____.
Your _____ Adventure Begins Here
The _____ of your dreams.
For the _____ lover.
_____ for Geeks.
How to Make _____ fun!
The best _____ of all worlds.
The Ultimate ______ guide/list/tour.
The next best thing to _____
(#) ______ that really work!
Stress Free _____.
The last _____ you will ever need.
Design Your own ______.
(#) _____ Secrets You Never Knew
The _____ of the future.
Are you ready for _____?
Take the Guesswork out of _____.
The _____ you always wanted.
The easiest way to _____.

Got a few templates that work great? Drop them in the comment section.

Mezzanine Financing an Internet Acquisition

In the next two weeks, I will be acquiring a site for $400,000. Obviously, there are risks involved; the market for the services could collapse, a new competitor could spring up and take away traffic, or Google Could just give us the Flaming Finger and take away half the site’s traffic overnight.

Now, I’m confident we can continue to grow the site and there is great synergy with some of the other projects we work on. I like to think I know a thing or two about managing Google, so I’m not overly worried about the Search Engine traffic. The price we agreed on is very fair; not so cheap that it’s a steal and not so expensive that it doesn’t make sense.

$400,000 isn’t chump change for me . . . not yet anyway. For an acquisition like this, I like to mitigate some of the risk and preserve my cash position for future acquisitions. It’s also important to me not to give up equity if I don’t have to.

Enter our Mezzanine Financing Structure

We’re working with a private investor or two this week to loan money to buy the site using the domain and site revenue as collateral. While I will be taking over the operation of the site, I’m not personally guaranteeing the loan, so the rate has to be attractive to the Investors. Moreover, Investors like to see that I actually believe in the project and have some “skin in the game.”

So I’ll be putting up 20% of my money to buy the site: $80,000. The Investor puts up $320,000 and gets a monthly payment of $ 15,200 – $16,000 for 24 months depending on what rate we finally agree on; that’s a yield of 13%-18%.

With this Financing structure I’m happy because I don’t have to give up equity, I mitigated my risk and acquired the site.

The Investor is happy because he gets a great return on his money and doesn’t have the hassle of running a site.

The current site owner is happy because he gets a nice payday and is relieved of all the risk and responsibility associated with the site.

It’s the kind of deal you always want to craft: one where everyone wins.

SEO Black Hat Intern Wanted

Looking to jumpstart your career as a web entrepreneur or SEO Consultant? Aching to see how the pros really do it? Want to work alongside me, QuadsZilla?

Well then today just may be your lucky day.

SEO Black Hat will be taking on an unpaid intern to work on various projects in Search, Mainstream Web Projects, and porn Adult (and no, we’re not shooting content).

The Hours will be long (about 25 per week), the pay sucks (nothing), you have to put up with my shit (yay fun!) and you will be doing mostly white and grey hat projects (read “somewhat boring”).

I can be a demanding hard ass who doesn’t have time for people who can come up with “great excuses” for not getting things dong.

If you’re not responsive and reliable or there just isn’t a personality fit, I’ll fire your ass from this unpaying job faster than a [see here].

However, you will get hands on experience and training on how to:

  • run extremely profitable web businesses
  • build sites from scratch to profitability
  • grow web communities
  • network and develop a digital rolodex of successful web entrepreneurs

Most Good SEOs are taking home more than $350k per year and doing it on their own terms. Look at me – I basically work when I want, where I want, and with whom I want.

My ideal candidate is a sexy English major senior at an Ivy league University who has worked summers as a successful sales rep even though she’s a trust fund baby. . . but I might just settle for you.

Think you should get the job?

Convince me.

A Hearty Welcome to All the New Search Engine Spammers!

The family of SEO Black Hats just got a whole lot bigger. Tons of people who thought they were playing by the rules, including sites in every category of the Internet, just got categorized as search engine spammers by Google in Matt Cutt’s recent post

How to report paid links

Google may provide a special form for paid link reports at some point, but in the mean time, here’s a couple of ways that anyone can use to report paid links:
– Sign in to Google’s webmaster console and use the authenticated spam report form, then include the word “paidlink” (all one word) in the text area of the spam report. If you use the authenticated form, you’ll need to sign in with a Google Account, but your report will carry more weight.
– Use the unauthenticated spam report form and make sure to include the word “paidlink” (all one word) in the text area of the spam report.

Anyone who buys or sells links is now a search engine spammer – and I say “Welcome to the Club!”

Now that you’ve popped your cherry, you might as well get yourself acquainted with how things work in the black hat world. You are no longer “on Google’s Side” (if you ever were in the first place).

It’s a war. Google has cast you as the enemy. Make sure you are prepared.

“Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought.” — Sun-tzu


The holidays are coming up along the end of the fiscal tax year. That’s 2 great reasons to give money to charity rolled into one.

Here’s what I propose:

1. We need to pick a charity. Please suggest something good in the comment section. It should be some credible and reasonably well known charity that helps poor people. I really don’t know who should be the beneficary, but it should be some people that are poor: Really poor, like even more impoverished than than white hats 😉

2. To make sure the funds actually get to the charity, (and don’t get pocketed by, say, me) I would ask that an embassador from Google (does nofollow even work?) set up an adsense account and send the funds directly to the charity we pick. Then just let us know what the adsense code is.

3. I invite all Bloggers and SEOs to put this adsense code on their blogs or on few of thier thier sites for anywhere from a day to week between December 24th and 31st.

4. No click fraud.

Let’s face it, most of us are very fortunate to be in the line of work we are in. If a few lines of code on our blogs during the holidays can help out, we should do it. What do you say?

Do you Brandverb?

For a long time, we have not had a term for when a company’s brand becomes synonymous with an action. Today we do: brandverb.

The brandverb you will be most familiar with is Google. When someone says “Google it” or “I got the answer by Googling it” they are using Google as a brandverb. As you can see, the brand “Google” is being used to replace verb “search” becoming a brandverb.

Yesterday, I used Jetblue as a brandverb. While contemplating going out to Los Angeles for New Years, I said “Maybe I’ll Jetblue out there.” Once again, the brand replaced a verb (fly) and became a brandverb. Here is how the term brandverb was born:

[23:49] QuadsZilla: my flight to RIO is on the 4th from JFK
[23:50] QuadsZilla: maybe i’ll jetblue out there
[23:50] QuadsZilla: for like 3 days or something
[23:50] QuadsZilla: if that’s cool
[23:50] Jeff Random: I just made up a word based on your word
[23:50] Jeff Random: brandverb
[23:50] Jeff Random: example jetblue out there
[23:50] Jeff Random: aka to google
[23:50] QuadsZilla: nice
[23:50] QuadsZilla: i like it
[23:50] QuadsZilla: i’ll blog it

If you are going to photocopy something and say “I’ll Xerox it” you have used a brandverb. If you want your maid to vacuum your bachelor pad and ask her to “Hoover the place” you have used a brandverb. When you advise your grandmother to get rid of some junk and say “Ebay that crap, some idiot will buy it” – you have brandverbed ebay.

Want an important signed document delivered to finalize a deal? Fedex it over – you sexy brandverber!

By understanding the power of brandverbing you will become a better marketer. If you are thinking in terms of “How can I brandverb my company?”, your marketing will have a longer term impact. Especially if you brand becomes engrained in culture.

Do you brandverb?

Fumflockerkin – The PPC Study the World Needs

This one is a real project that requires real work . . . so I won’t be doing it.

However, I’ll outline what you can do to create an article that is sorely lacking in the SEO space:

1. Create 25+ imaginary keywords like “fumflockerkin” (But not fumflockerkin)
2. Set up 5 adword and 5 adsense accounts under 10 different names
3. Create a series of landing pages for the keyword
4. Track what happens when you bid against yourself.
5. Track what happens with quality score for various settings. (CTR, conversions, page layouts)
6. Track how much Google is really taking.

Make sure to include pretty graphs and your methodology.

This is one hell of a project to undertake. You’ll need several servers, even more proxy IP addresses and to think about what the possible pitfalls are to prevent being discovered.

People are clamoring to know what the hell is going on with adsense, adwords and the wizard behind the curtain. Answer those questions, answer them well, and you’ll have more links than you know what to do with.

Forget the Digg Effect – Check out the SEO Black Hat Effect!

I did several things to prepare for Digg with my last post, 10 Steps to Guarantee You Make the Digg Front Page, because I was confident it would make it to the front page. For example, I enabled the wp-cache plugin and moved my entire WordPress theme (images +CSS) to another server. Then I changed the link rel in the header.php to point to the CSS on the other server.

These kind of precautions help you to prevent the load from all the new visitors from Digg from crashing your site.

Unfortunately for digg, they had no time to prepare for a site with the massive readership of SEO Black Hat. While My story was number 1 on Digg’s “Today’s most Popular”, their site went down!

Here’s a screen shot.

Maybe next time Digg should prepare for the SEO Black Hat Effect.


On Site Intra-Linking WordPress SEO Experiment

In August, 2006 SEO Black Hat had these Search Numbers:

14258 – Google
1603 – MSN
1266- Yahoo
41 – Ask Jeeves
19 – Google Images

Up from these numbers in July, 2006:

11995 – Google
1145 – MSN
828 – Yahoo
514 – Google Images
34 – Ask Jeeves

As an experiment in both SEO and usability, I deleted all the Category links from the sidebar and put a link to every post ever written from most recent to “Hello World.” It should be too many links on each page. Really, I just wanted to see what happens if I make it easy for people to browse every post at a glance from every page – the SEO part is just an interesting side note.

Also, I deleted the sitemap.txt and sitemap.xml from the server and deleted the sitemap from Google Webmaster Tools. Let’s see what the next 30 days brings . . .