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Bloggers Wanted: Paying Up to $200 Cash Per Post

Are you about to publish a completely awesome post about SEO, Web-Spam, Landing Pages, or Social Media?


Before you press that publish button on your blog, consider this:

I will pay you up to $200 cash to post it exclusively here on

Fame, Fortune and Love

What more could you want?

  • Fame: Posting here will get you exposure. seoblackhat gets more than 10,000 visitors per day and even more read our RSS feed.
  • Fortune: Alright, maybe $200 isn’t quite a fortune, but it’s a better deal than your getting for posting it on your own blog.
  • Link Love: A permalink from The site has never been penalized, enjoys a PR 5 and gets plenty of search engine traffic.

It’s an awesome deal if your article gets accepted But. . .

Your Article Will Probably Be Rejected

Nothing personal, it’s just that most articles suck. I’m not looking for filler, I’m only looking for great articles. Don’t even bother submitting anything that isn’t fucking awesome.

Blogging Tips

Here’s a quick rundown of things that will help your great article get approved and get you paid:

1. Make a great headline, a magnetic headline. On average, 5 times more people will read a headline than will read the entire article.

2. Include Eye Catching and relevant graphics.

3. Use Interesting Sub-headers.

4. No Paragraphs Over 5 lines long. Small paragraphs are easier to read.

5. Use Bullets or Lists.

The Deal

The pay is 5 cents per published word up to 1000 words. There is a 100% bonus if the post gets popular on digg, or stumble and a 300% bonus if popular on all 3 (that’s a max of $200).

Your article may be edited before it is published. You are selling the article and all future copyrights to me.

Don’t be a shitbag and submit an article that isn’t yours or that has been published elsewhere. It’s just not worth it: trust me on this one.

How to Submit an Article

Create a wordpress account here. Use your Paypal email address so I can send you money.

Then go here, post and save. If you press “save and continue editing”, you can preview the post to see how it looks. You can Include an italicized signature at the bottom of the post of up to 200 characters with one link to your site. – You sig will not be included in your word count.

If I approve the post, you’ll get paid. It’s that simple. It’s the best deal out there – so why not take advantage?

Get started now.

Mezzanine Financing an Internet Acquisition

In the next two weeks, I will be acquiring a site for $400,000. Obviously, there are risks involved; the market for the services could collapse, a new competitor could spring up and take away traffic, or Google Could just give us the Flaming Finger and take away half the site’s traffic overnight.

Now, I’m confident we can continue to grow the site and there is great synergy with some of the other projects we work on. I like to think I know a thing or two about managing Google, so I’m not overly worried about the Search Engine traffic. The price we agreed on is very fair; not so cheap that it’s a steal and not so expensive that it doesn’t make sense.

$400,000 isn’t chump change for me . . . not yet anyway. For an acquisition like this, I like to mitigate some of the risk and preserve my cash position for future acquisitions. It’s also important to me not to give up equity if I don’t have to.

Enter our Mezzanine Financing Structure

We’re working with a private investor or two this week to loan money to buy the site using the domain and site revenue as collateral. While I will be taking over the operation of the site, I’m not personally guaranteeing the loan, so the rate has to be attractive to the Investors. Moreover, Investors like to see that I actually believe in the project and have some “skin in the game.”

So I’ll be putting up 20% of my money to buy the site: $80,000. The Investor puts up $320,000 and gets a monthly payment of $ 15,200 – $16,000 for 24 months depending on what rate we finally agree on; that’s a yield of 13%-18%.

With this Financing structure I’m happy because I don’t have to give up equity, I mitigated my risk and acquired the site.

The Investor is happy because he gets a great return on his money and doesn’t have the hassle of running a site.

The current site owner is happy because he gets a nice payday and is relieved of all the risk and responsibility associated with the site.

It’s the kind of deal you always want to craft: one where everyone wins.

SEO Black Hat Intern Wanted

Looking to jumpstart your career as a web entrepreneur or SEO Consultant? Aching to see how the pros really do it? Want to work alongside me, QuadsZilla?

Well then today just may be your lucky day.

SEO Black Hat will be taking on an unpaid intern to work on various projects in Search, Mainstream Web Projects, and porn Adult (and no, we’re not shooting content).

The Hours will be long (about 25 per week), the pay sucks (nothing), you have to put up with my shit (yay fun!) and you will be doing mostly white and grey hat projects (read “somewhat boring”).

I can be a demanding hard ass who doesn’t have time for people who can come up with “great excuses” for not getting things dong.

If you’re not responsive and reliable or there just isn’t a personality fit, I’ll fire your ass from this unpaying job faster than a [see here].

However, you will get hands on experience and training on how to:

  • run extremely profitable web businesses
  • build sites from scratch to profitability
  • grow web communities
  • network and develop a digital rolodex of successful web entrepreneurs

Most Good SEOs are taking home more than $350k per year and doing it on their own terms. Look at me – I basically work when I want, where I want, and with whom I want.

My ideal candidate is a sexy English major senior at an Ivy league University who has worked summers as a successful sales rep even though she’s a trust fund baby. . . but I might just settle for you.

Think you should get the job?

Convince me.

Digg Hits 750,000 Sock Puppets

Digg recently announced that they passed the 1,000,000 Mark for number of registered users. But as Michael Arrington points out, everyone who uses Digg is spamming it by creating multiple “sock puppet” accounts:

“Congratulations to Digg, which announced that they’ve had a million accounts registered at the site (at least ten of which are mine).

More than 10 are his, and 10 belong to every other “white hat” who passively games Digg. How many serious spammers have more than 5 thousand accounts with bots creating real looking histories? More than a few!

For more on the story, I went to Digg Headquarters to get a photo of a random group of Active Diggers:

Top Diggers

So, congrats (I guess) on getting 1 million registered users. But it would be a hell of a lot more impressive if you told me you had 250,000 verified accounts – accounts that we knew tracked back to unique individuals. And no, verification emails to a freemail account don’t really count.


Personalized Search – Undoubtedly the Wave of the Future

Many SEOs have dismissed personalized search. It’s been seen as a nuisance because when we’re logged into Google, we think our sites are ranking higher in the SERPs than they are for the rest of the world. “What good is that?”

But personalized search will be great and is undoubtedly the Wave of the future. Don’t judge its eventual success or failure on the current incarnations.

Consider the Microsoft acquisition of Medstory Inc. and the longer-range goal

“to link personal information like age, sex, drug regimens, family history and even genetic markers to search. The ideal is that search results are tailored individually, identifying treatments, drug interactions and medical journal articles of interest.”

That’s extremely powerful!

Already an earnest Googler will often come up with a better medical diagnostic than a doctor who sees you for 20 minutes a year. Imagine if the search engine had your entire medical history and genetic information: the results could be a revolution in medicine that empowers individuals.

Take another vertical: porn. If a site had smart meta data on every pic and movie, they could determine a users preference or fetish by displaying a page of thumbs and tracking which ones were clicked. Then, on future visits, content could be delivered that closely matched that users preferences.

Tivo already records TV shows and movies it thinks you will like. Amazon has their “User’s who bought this also bought” feature. When you go to a supermarket, custom coupons are printed out based on what you purchased that day.

Imagine how well both content and advertising could be tailored if you had a users:

  • Amazon profile
  • Google Search history
  • Complete Medical File
  • Tivo (Digital Video Recording) History
  • Every site they’ve ever visited and in what frequency
  • bookmark (2.0 history)
  • Items Purchased as Supermarkets (tracked with discount cards) and
  • Complete Credit Card purchase history

Eventually, the algorithms will be smart enough to parse the data and deliver personalized results that far outmatch anything that we see today.

That’s why the real money is not in search, it’s in Data Mining and why the future of search (and indeed all forms of content delivery) will be personalized.

What Would You do with your own .edu?

If you look hard enough, you may come across an opportunity to acquire a .edu domain. Sure, ain’t going on the auction block any time soon, but they are several .edus that are grandfathered in from 1999 and before.

.edu links are coveted because they are perceived to pass more trust than other links. But is the .edu intrinsically valuable? Probably not. The increase trust these .edu domains pass is likely due to:

1) Hordes of natural links
2) Google assigning Trust to certain schools

So starting a site on a .edu domain that is currently parked may not perform much better than any other site.

But let’s say you had the opportunity to pick up a parked .edu domain for a few thousand – would you want it? If so, what would you do with it?

One approach would be to set up an educational site and try to build trust. It doesnt have to be a College or University either. There are many non-university organizations that own EDU, including high schools, museums, associations, and for-profit corporations (e.g. Montgomery Blair High School –; J. Paul Getty Trust –; Exploratorium Science Museum –, just to name a few). You have to figure it would take a year or so to do it right but it could turn into something nice

Once you establish some trust, there would be plenty of ways to monitize it. But would it even be worth the effort?

I don’t have the answer . . . only the questions: Would you want your own .edu? and What would you do with it if you had it?

Quality Links and Free Money: So what’s the Catch?

Every now and then you’ll find a service, idea, or product that is so great that you think it will “sell itself”. All you have to do is talk about some of the features and your prospect will just “get it”. No need to sell, it will sell itself – right?

Don’t believe it for a second.

No matter what you’re selling, “your customer needs a ton of rational reasons why this is a great deal, so he can give his wife, his buddies, and himself a good and plausible story supporting his buying decision.” –John Carlton.

Case and point is my recent SEO Poker Tournament announcement. To me, this was such a no-brainer that I thought we’d have a thousand sign-ups by now. To me, the benefits are so overwhelming and self-evident that I believed that everyone who read it would sign up instantly.

Boy was I mistaken.

Here we are more than a week after the announcement and only a handful of people have signed up. Sure, I could chalk it up to the fact that the tourney is not until March 24th, but I think the real failure was in the original pitch.

The benefits were not clearly defined. The pitch was too complicated: the call to action not strong enough.

So let’s have another go at it:

It Cost Nothing to Join!

The SEO poker tournament is basically free to enter. You don’t need any money in your full tilt poker account. There are no hidden costs. All you have to do is agree to link to the winner for year from your page rank 4 or higher site. If you have a Page Rank 6 site, that link can be one off the homepage like in your “about”, “contact”, or “fun stuff” page.

Extra $5000 thrown in for Free!

Maybe you don’t care about getting hundreds of backlinks from quality sites. Maybe you actually believe what rose water said:

“Tons of links with the same anchor text is worthless.”

Sure it is pal. That guy couldn’t even spell “SEO” with a 2-letter head start.

But let’s say you actually buy his “talking out of my ass with no testing to back up my claim” bullshit. You could still win your share of $5000 for placing in SEO Poker tournament. That’s 5000 FREE reasons to join. But if you still need convincing:

Rank for a Profitable Search Term!

You’re Page rank 4 or higher site already has some quality backlinks. Throwing an extra few hundred quality backlinks at your site has the potential to help you rank for something that can make you money – lots of money. Now, you can sit back and let this opportunity pass you by, or you can have some fun on a Saturday with the potential to help you put lots of money in the bank by signing up for the tournament. The decision is as close to a no-brainer as they come.

The SEO Poker Tournament Will Be FUN

No limit Texas Hold’em is fun. Playing poker with other SEOs and webmasters is a way for you kick back, talk trash, have fun and network with other successful webmasters.

Overcoming Objections

You probably dreamed up some kind of reason not to “do it fucking now” and sign up for the SEO poker tournament. So let’s walk through some of the common objections:

1. “I don’t Want to Link to a bad Neighborhood. “

Answer: The Winner Will Have a Quality Site.

Sure, page rank isn’t perfect – far from it. But the winner of the tournament will have at least a page rank 4. It’s not like you’re going to be linking into the dark and shady corners of the Internet; the winning site is not banned from Google. Google trusts the site enough to award it at least a page rank 4.

Plus, it’s unlikely that anyone would win the tournament only to point the links to a spam site; the life cycle of those sites is too short. The smart move is to throw those links at a white hat project and rake in the cash over the long haul. A link to a site like that out of all your quality outbound links is a drop in the bucket; but those drops could add up to something HUGE for the winner.

2. What if people don’t link to the Winner?

Answer: I doubt very many people would be stupid enough to welsh on a bet like this.

In Business, your biggest asset is your word, your credibility: your trust. If people don’t trust you, good luck making any business contacts or becoming successful. Why would anyone want to risk all that over a silly link?

3. “I suck at Poker”

Answer: Get a Ringer!

OK, you may not be that good at No limit Texas Hold’em. It’s a complicated game. But are you really telling me that you don’t have any friends that could play with you?!? We’re talking about potentially ranking for the search term of your choice or your share of $5000. Get a ringer!

Get someone who knows poker to come over your house to help you on every hand. If I didn’t know poker, it’s what I would do.

4. “I don’t want to link to 10s or 100s of sites.”

Answer: You only have to link to the 1 winner of the tournament

It’s not like we are anteing a link for every round of betting – that would get out of control very quickly. All you’re doing is anteing once to get into the tournament. Once you’re in, you stay in till you lose your all your chips, or you win the tournament and all the links.

5. “I’m lazy, What do I have to do to Sign up again?”

Answer: It’s simple, this is what you need to do:

1st: Just do a simple blog post and link to saying you’re gonna play. Cut and paste this if you like:

I will be playing in the SEO <a href="">Poker Tournament</a> on March 24th at 9:00 pm GMT.

It will take you at most 2 minutes; do it right now before you forget.

(no, really. Do it now.)

2nd Download the free full tilt poker software and sign up for an account. It’s 100% Free. I don’t care if you use my affiliate link or not; just get the poker client so you can play.

3rd Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

It really is that simple.

Phrase Based Indexing and Retrieval Spam Detection

Via the Mad Hat, here’s the interesting part from a PaIR system article:

The process takes place both at indexing and retrieval. In essence the document gets its spam score at indexation and then upon retrieval, should that page be included in the results, weighting is then removed and the page is devalued during the ranking process for previously calculated Spam threshold scoring/weighting.

According to the folks that drafted it, a normal related, topical phrase occurrence (or related phrases) is in the order of 8-20 whereas the typical Spam document would contain between 100-1000 related phrases. So by looking for statistical deviations in related phrase occurrences the system can flag an item as Spam. Once again it is mostly for the high end, but a low deviation count can also be used as a flag for a low occurrences (which could be compared to the link profile for link spam)

Two things to digest there.

1. The indexing method applies a spam score both on indexing and retrieval and
2. Standard Deviation on both the high end and low end could count as a spam flag.

Of course, the only reason spammy docs sometimes have up to 100 times the related phrase density of a non spammy page is because this behavior continues to be rewarded in the SERPs. Even if the spam flag is raised and the site eventually banned, classic keyword and relate phrase stuffing continues to rank in the SERPs.

2007 Key to Success: You are the CEO

Here’s my 2007 prediction:

You will make more money in 2007 on the Net than you have ever made in the past.


By changing your perspective. This year, you will see yourself and act like the CEO of your own Virtual Real Estate Company.

Too often, you tackle problems as a web designer, an SEO, a programmer, a geek, a blogger, a content creator, a designer or a hacker. This is where you go wrong.

If you want to make the big bucks in 2007, you will have to see yourself and become CEO / President of your Internet Company. You are the Boss, the manager, the deal maker, and the head hancho.

As the President, your time is extremely valuable. As such, you need to automate every task that can be automated. This particular task will vary from company to company, but repetitive operations must be automated for you to free up more time to run your company. Throughout the day, you will be asking yourself “How can this task be automated?”

Every task that can be performed cheaply by someone else, should be. How much time do you waste per day on things that could be performed by someone for $500 per month? Stop and think about it: If you are performing a task that can be done by someone that normally makes $20 per day, how much money can you expect to make doing that same task? Create jobs, get employees, get contractors and free up your time for doing what needs to be done: running your virtual real estate company. You need low cost lackeys to do your low brainwork tasks. With every task, you will ask yourself “Can I outsource this task to someone else for less money than my time is worth?”

Unless you are heavy into PPC, you should not be checking your stats more than once per week. It’s a waste of your time. Let’s face it, if you got 46,000 uniques on one of your sites one day, 45,500 the next day and 47,000 the next, that doesn’t really matter. As the CEO, you don’t have time to waste looking at stats that simply don’t matter. Unless you are going to change your basic strategy, you are throwing away hours per week that could be spent on outsourcing, automation, and advertising.

This year you will focus your time on things that make you money. Throughout the day, you will be asking yourself “Is the task I’m doing right now going to make me more money?” If it’s not, you will think about how to eliminate that task from your routine to increase your productivity.

Finally, this year you will make a greater effort to surround yourself with winners. You will develop a network of like-minded individuals around you that know how to make money on the Web. You will have less time for people who waste your time and will make a greater effort to network with people who “get it.” Unlike in years past, this year you will actually make the effort to stay in contact with, do business with, and associate yourself with winners.

That’s how I know that 2007 will be your most profitable year ever.


The holidays are coming up along the end of the fiscal tax year. That’s 2 great reasons to give money to charity rolled into one.

Here’s what I propose:

1. We need to pick a charity. Please suggest something good in the comment section. It should be some credible and reasonably well known charity that helps poor people. I really don’t know who should be the beneficary, but it should be some people that are poor: Really poor, like even more impoverished than than white hats 😉

2. To make sure the funds actually get to the charity, (and don’t get pocketed by, say, me) I would ask that an embassador from Google (does nofollow even work?) set up an adsense account and send the funds directly to the charity we pick. Then just let us know what the adsense code is.

3. I invite all Bloggers and SEOs to put this adsense code on their blogs or on few of thier thier sites for anywhere from a day to week between December 24th and 31st.

4. No click fraud.

Let’s face it, most of us are very fortunate to be in the line of work we are in. If a few lines of code on our blogs during the holidays can help out, we should do it. What do you say?