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Nice Fucking SERPs, G.

This morning, I wanted to look at the Frank Schilling video I posted a while back. I’d love to get him to come to SEO de Janerio as an expert, but haven’t met him yet (anyone care to make an introduction?)

Anyway, I wanted to watch that video again, so I Googled “frank seoblackhat”.

Check out these awesome results:

Goole Serps Suck ballz

As you can see, you have to wade through 6 scraper SERPs to get to the post you’re looking for on seoblackhat.

Microsoft still has their head up their ass and didn’t even find the result that I was looking for, but at least they got the DOMAIN right for the top result:

Microsoft Live . . . still dead.

and the winner is . . . Yahoo!

Yahoo is the Best search engine

Looks like it’s time to change that default search engine to Yahoo.

I Guess Google has been too preoccupied lately maintaining their paid link monopoly to pay attention to the actual quality of their SERPs.

In the meantime, while Google (and in fact all the Search engines) continues to serve up scraper after scraper – Scrape away! It’s the blackhat technique that just won’t die and continues to drive traffic and make money.

Dancing on the Grave of the Yahoo – Google Deal!

The Yahoo – Google advertising deal would have been horrendous for consumers, advertisers, Yahoo, partners . . . pretty much for everyone but Google.

Yesterday, that deal was pronounced dead.

<sings> “Ding, Dong the witch is dead.”</sing>

w00t! and all that jazz.

As much of a free market guy as I am, the one place where the free market needs government intervention is in the area of Anti-Trust and Monopoly oversight. The DoJ did right on this one.

Google is becoming increasingly arrogant with their partners and advertisers. On their syndication deals, from what I hear they want to “renegotiate” every deal down to a 50% or lower payout (when in many cases these partners have 85%+). While Yahoo isn’t the best answer for “competition” in the marketplace, at least they’re something.

Google knows they are in effect the only game in town and are behaving more and more like it. Aaron Wall discussed this further in “How Long Until People View Google Like Microsoft?”

I know at least one person who already does.

Speaking of Microsoft, Yahoo shares are up significantly after the death of the Google deal on speculation that this puts Yahoo back in play for a Microsoft bid. Jerry Yang all but begged Microsoft to buy them following the collapse of the Google deal.

The mid $40 numbers that Jerry et al were dreaming of earlier this year are more of a pipe dream than ever. Even the odds of Microsoft bidding $31 per share again are slim to none.

But a $23 price tag would probably work for everyone. Whether or not that’s gonna happen is why the stock is still trading a shade under $15 today. Microsoft said they’ve “moved on” and they may well have meant it.

The question is: If MSFT has moved on, what the hell have they moved on to?

Sniffing Yahoo Glue

Yahoo Glue pages are a new idea for search results that I think may get some traction. Check out some searches on yahoo India:

It doesn’t suck!

Jerry Yang’s $500 Million Big Balls of Steel

Let’s say you’re gonna buy a company. Wouldn’t one of the ways you choose to buy a company be based on what it’s gonna earn next year? They have a stat for that; it’s called Forward P/E. It’s the Market Cap of a Stock divided by How much the company is expected to profit next year.

A higher number means a more expensive company when comparing Apple’s to Apples. (Everyone still with me?)

GOOG and YHOO are arguably in the same business. What’s not arguable who is in a better position in the Industry. One is an 800 lb Gorilla, the other is Yahoo.

So even after this whole YHOO – MSFT debacle, for some reason the market thinks that YHOO should trade at Forward P/E (1 yr): of 43.52 while GOOG trades at a Forward P/E (1 yr) of 24.04.

Apples to Apples (or Pears to Pears so some dipshits don’t think I’m talking about AAPL stock), Investors value YHOO 79% higher than GOOG.

So . . . for the Universe to get back into balance, YHOO has to go to $13.61 / share, GOOG has to go to $1065 / share, or some combination of the two (like YHOO to $17.50 and GOOG to $833). Either that Jerry has to whip out that super secret sauce he’s been saving up to suddenly get Yahoo’s profits to start skyrocketing.

de’Nile ain’t Just a River in Egypt!

. . . it flows through wall street too. Some investors are still hoping or praying that MSFT is gonna up their offer and close the deal. They just can’t accept that this deal is deader than . . . umm . . . some really, really dead thing.

The other big reason the stock’s being propped up? Jerry Yang is putting his money where his balls are and is buying up $500 million of YHOO with his own wad.

It’s a Ballsy Move. Only time will tell if it’s a Brainy one too.

How’s Yahoo Gonna Reject Microsoft?

According to the WSJ and Bloomberg, Yahoo thinks it’s going to reject Microsoft’s Takeover offer.

It begs several questions. Not the least of which is how the hell are they gonna do that?

When someone offers a 60% premium over your current stock price in cash, you’ve got to come up with a pretty darn good reason not accept it or your shareholders are going to revolt.

Some have speculated that Yahoo might make a deal with Google to outsource search or advertising or something: But a deal like that would certainly be the death nail in Yahoo’s coffin.

Remember how well that deal worked for AOL years ago? AOL had 30% of the search market when they outsourced to Google. Now they have about 5%.

The same thing would surely happen to Yahoo if they got in bed with Google Yes they would get more money per search over the next 3-5 years, but after that they would have no bargaining leverage with GOOG and would have to renew on far less favorable terms.

What other options does Yahoo have to reject the Offer? Find a white knight to put up a bid with more favorable terms? Almost no one has the cash to start a bidding war – and who would even want to?

Yahoo is screwed. All they can do is try to bargain a better price. Filo and Yang are just flailing to add one last bit of shareholder value before they’re both out on their asses as an all cash takeover from MSFT would leaves neither with an equity stake in the new “MicoHooey!”

The other question is whether Microsoft anticipated a rejection (either by Yahoo or regulators) and tendered this bid just to fuck with Yahoo. How desparate will Yahoo get to try to stave off Microsoft? Will they have a fire sale? Merge with a worse suitor? Or even sign a dark Pact with the Prince of Searchness?

One thing is certain: 2007 2008 is the End of Yahoo as we know it.

For a predator like MSFT, that’s probably what they were looking for all along.

Flickr Babes

Every Now and then, you’ll see one of the flickr popular photos be of some beautiful and scantly clad female. So on Saturday I thought to myself, “You know, I bet that would be a great niche – Finding all the hot flickr babes and creating a photo blog.”

The first domain I thought of that would be perfect for this endeavor was I immediately typed the URL into my browser and BEHOLD! Someone already had the idea and is doing a damn good job.

On the one hand, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t think of it first. But on the other hand, I’m glad they are doing a great job on the blog! I like looking at beautiful woman – so I joined the other 18530 people and subscribed.

Political Hacking At

Ron Paul Made the front page of about an hour ago with this story under the title

GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal

Then, 11 minutes later, the headline is changed to

Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom

Other than that, the 2 articles are identical.

But notice the incredible difference a headline can make. It looks like someone at Yahoo (or more likely at the AP) decided after the fact to push their own political agenda. The story went from the “Unusual Appeal of the favorite of those looking for a candidate outside the political mainstream” to a marginalized “Longshot”.

Isn’t the power of the written word Amazing? How, in the middle of the night (literally 2:11 am EST), a political hack can turn a positive story negative with just a few keystrokes.

Also note that this was NOT done to get more clicks or attract more visitors to the story. No one with half a brain could argue that “Ron Paul remains longshot for GOP nom” would get more clicks or reads than “GOP’s Ron Paul has Unusual Appeal.” This was 100% politically motivated.

I guarantee you that the word “Remains” in a headline does not sell newspapers. How is it news if something “remains”? Isn’t that the opposite of news? Isn’t it the antithesis of a magnetic headline?

The mystery is – Who made the change? Was it the Article’s Author, LIZ AUSTIN PETERSON Associated Press Writer, Yahoo, an editor at the Associated press . . . Smurfs? Who decided that the “Remains Longshot” title was the better way to paint this story than “Unusual Appeal”?

Click Distance Matters.

As an SEO experiment, a little less than a month ago we:
1. Removed all the categories from the sidebar
2. Listed titles of every post with links every page
3. Got rid of the Google Sitemap.

Because we updated the theme on friday to include a new navigational setup, it’s time for some observations about the experiment.

For the month of September, SEO Black Hat had these search referral numbers:
Google 24889
Yahoo 1047
MSN 503
Ask Jeeves 91
Google Images 82

In August, 2006 with search referrals of
14258 – Google
1603 – MSN
1266- Yahoo
41 – Ask Jeeves
19 – Google Images

and these numbers in July
11995 – Google
1145 – MSN
828 – Yahoo
514 – Google Images
34 – Ask Jeeves

There was a 74% climb in the number of Google search referrals. MSN switched to live – and live hated my old layout because it was ugly (let’s see if that picks up any with the new design).. Yahoo was down slightly and Ask Jeeves up slightly.

Also of interest is that SEO black hat had gone supplemental after 182 results prior to the experiment. Today, SEO Black hat does not go supplemental until 554 results (which is pretty good considering this is only my 334th blog post.)

Of course, all this did not happen in a vacuum. I continued to write posts and people linked to those posts. Also, I took advantage of two internet “trends” with a couple of my posts that contributed to these search referrals:

Keyword Search Referrals
Fortuny 3151
lonelygirl15 715

Those Keywords, which accounted for about a third of the increase, should probably be disregarded.

The private SEO Black Hat forums increased stickyness and number of visits. Therefore, if Google is tracking user behavior, there’s a good chance that SEO Black Hat would be seen as more authoritative site.

My theory is that Google probably does track user behavior and is factoring this into their algorithm. It also seems very likely that Google cares about click distance from the homepage – especially for indexing purposes (as in: what goes supplemental).

What is click distance? Click distance is the minimum number of clicks it would take you to get from one page to another. During the experiment, the click distance from the home page to any post (or from one post to another) was 1.

What does that mean for your site design? Make sure your navigation is set up well. Google sitemaps are not the answer. If a post is 10 clicks from the homepage, it’s going to be a lot harder for that post to rank in the search engines.

I’ll detail what changes were made to SEO Black Hat from an on page SEO and usability perspective throughout this week.

Google: “Checking Backlinks = Spammy Requests”

Many of you might have seen that Google is given SEO advice to government agencies. The Google Cache is reporting that at one of those events, Adam Lasnik of Google gave a speech/session where he let out this little tidbit:

Google doesn’t improve the link: command because they don’t want spammy requests.

Adam then went on to say that if you want to check your backlinks that Yahoo Site Explorer was a good place to look.

Now, we’ve known forever that the link command was horrible in Google. What is interesting if that they consider backlink checking to be “Spammy Requests.” So all you “white hat SEOs” out there, do you make “Spammy Requests?” or would you rather just err on the side of not being seen as “Spammy?”

The Importance of Yahoo Geo-Tagging Photos

Today we are witnessing the amazing Synergy between Flickr and Yahoo come to life. By allowing users to easily drop and dragg photos onto a Yahoo map, the Flickr/Yahoo community is building a resource that competitors like Google and MSN will be hard pressed to match.

Want to know what Huntsville, Alabama looks like? How about a that small town in India? or maybe a tropical resort in Fiji? No problem. There will be thousands of pictures from everywhere in the world beautifully integrated into Yahoo maps.

This is significant because Yahoo maps now has a huge advantage over what Google or MSN will be able to offer for the forseeable future: an advantage that will win both users and search share.

This is just the beginning. Watch for similar improvements based on flickr and their other great 2.0 pickup, Yahoo’s choice of acquisitions shows that they understand where the web is headed and what to do when it gets there.

So now the question is, will Yahoo complete the “2.0” Trifecta by buying out Youtube?
Well, not yet . . . but if they could figure out how to solve the massive copyright problem, Yahoo would surely buy them tomorrow.