Creating Irresistible Headlines And Other Elements With SEO Intent Is Elementary

Written By Dale Hammington

There is actually no alternative to adding valuable headlines in your content if you really want to do well with your SEO and rank high in the search engine results. In fact, Columbia University recognized that using most attractive and proper headlines is the most important element to consider by all writers while writing a copy. According to them the best way a writer can ensure that:

  • The headline of the copy is attractive is to think from the point of view of the reader. 
  • It is also required to determine the headline first according to the topic and go ahead with the writing and not the other way round.
  • In addition to that, they suggest that the headline should include a specific keyword to make it look more attractive and meaningful.

It is only than easy for a writer to write on the subject matter targeting that specific keyword. 

In order to select and use more clickable and likable headlines, you can use a few of the results in Google. Simply type the subject matter you want to write on and Google will show you the best results and the right keywords that will help you to reach out to a larger audience and secure a higher place in the SERP with better SEO guaranteed. 

Compelling and useful headlines

When you take a cue from Google to select the best and strongest headlines make sure that you do not duplicate the original headline or keep it as it is, no matter how attractive it seems to you. This is a bad SEO practice and should be strictly avoided. 

If you find it difficult to change an original headline into a more useful and compelling one, you can take the help of SEO experts such as Kick Media Marketing. They will come up with the best headline that will instantly attract the eye as well as grow the interest of the readers.

The right length of the headline

Apart from creating a compelling and useful headline, you will also need to focus on a few other things that are essential to meet the requirements of Google. 

One such thing is the right length of the headline. When it comes to the length of the headline, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. These are;

  • A long and complex headline will turn off the readers immediately. Ideally, experts say that the right length for a headline to do well is between 50 to 60 characters. 
  • Keep in mind at this point that within this character limit your target keyword is also included. 

Therefore, you should insert the keyword in the title, keep in within the desired character limit and at the same time ensure that it is meaningful and does not make the keywords look like stuffed inside.  

Clarity matters most

It does not need any further explanation of how clarity of purpose is important for content for a better SEO result. You must focus on getting clear with your copy, message and blog post so that it reflects the importance of it to the readers. There are several ways in which you can do this such as:

  • By implementing a clear and strong call to action buttons that are located at prime spots to make it clearly visible and 
  • By reducing the number of fields in the signup form so that you can catch the interest of the readers quickly and they do not find it a boring and a lengthy process thereby leaving the process midway and leave your site.

Apart from that, you must make sure that when you write the content for your blog you harp on one specific idea. Also, make sure that you write your post focusing on the solution that will address a specific challenge and solve the problem of the users. Make sure that everything is explained in a simple and lucid language no matter how complicated an issue it is. 

Experts suggest that there are a few specific ways in which you can accomplish clarity of purpose in your content while writing. These are:

  • Know what you want to write about exactly even before you start to write
  • Use ‘you’ when you address the B2C customers and ‘we’ when you are writing for most business organizations and
  • Research a lot to find accurate data and info that are relevant to and important for your topic.

According to a research data of Conversion XL, it is revealed that when you follow a more data-driven approach in your content writing and selection of headlines it will help you to gain more shares on the social media platforms. 

Infographics and target keywords

In addition to that, you should also add infographics in your content that includes precise data points as that will also make your content more believable and meaningful.

  • When it comes to using more targeted keywords, make sure that you target not more than two to five keywords in a specific blog post. 
  • Apart from that, you will also need to ensure that the users read your content naturally. This will ensure that they get involved with your site, your content and make a buying decision.

In order to find out how your content feels the best way is to read it aloud thinking that you are a reader. This will help you to judge the flow of the keywords which should ideally be smooth with respect to the entire content.

Summing it up

All these SEO strategies will increase the number of organic traffic towards your blog by a considerable margin irrespective of the fact that you gain the same growth rate or not. It will thereby help you to improve your brand presence and gain the optimal benefits of content marketing and SEO strategy.

In this modern world of business where content is the king, it is the headline that will determine its reign! If you do not work on the psychology of your audience, you will never be able to gain high organic ranking and enthrall your audience.

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