Local Reviews Can Help to Enhance Local SEO

Written By Dale Hammington

A marketing strategy is a blend of several aspects! Marketers should figure out their clients’ details based on their online shopping habits and online search. It is essential that they also keep a tab on the competition, develop the same angles that are improved than the existing competition, or think of out of the box and plan something very different.

Considering all these aspects and more, it’s essential for marketers to attain their marketing strategies making use of resources and funds available to them. When it comes to small companies, the phrase “marketer” usually refers to a company owner, intern, or employee owing to budget limitations. Some companies don’t have adequate technical resources and fund to invest in website development. Others develop an essential website. They spend very little time in updating the site.  

Having an essential website is useful, in comparison to no website! Small scale companies need not take a loan to place an online advertisement. Some great reviews, written and shared by the local consumers, can help new customers to find your site, ranking in the Google local pack.  Such is the power of local reviews. You need to approach this with the help of an expert SEO agency. There are several DIY (Do It Yourself) methods or review generation software out there to help you generate more customer reviews.. But if you are not a pro or don’t have some idea of how SEO tools and practices work, it’s better to count on an SEO agency. To know more, get in touch with Golden Search SEO Seattle.

Know more on Google My Business

You can gain online visibility for your business, even when you don’t create a website! It is essential for you to fill in some critical details in Google My Business page. Today, Google has gone ahead and developed a blank page template that business owners can personalize based on their requirements. You don’t need to pay a single dollar for this.

Google My Business is an easy to use template! It enables you to include the brand name, the local address, local fax, and phone numbers, email address, and various other contact details. The Google My Business page will allow the consumers to place a call at the office number, from the site. Additionally, it also provides them the directions to locate your office or store. Do you have new and exciting data to share with your online audience? If yes, go ahead and edit the page, add in a few paragraphs with images. It will update the customers that you have added new information.

Business owners with decent marketing knowledge can leverage alt tags, linking, Meta descriptions, keywords, and several other SEO strategies and tools. Necessarily, your consumers can post a review on the Google My Business local listing page. Irrespective of a negative or positive review, it enables you the scope to touch base with them. You can even modify a negative report to one that favors your brand. Furthermore, Google My Business comes with an “Insights” section that suggests the way your users found you.  When you properly use this platform, your business ranks will increase. You don’t need a website or possess one that lacks whistles and bells.

Importance of online reviews

Google has an affinity for online reviews. According to an annual study done by Local SEO Guide, for understanding factors for local SEO ranking, it got discovered that customer reviews were essential for search engine ranking in local search. This study assessed over 200 factors that associated with close to 100,000 businesses.

The study also involved other aspects that assist local businesses to rank correctly. The study highlighted that local ranking factors are usually linked with organic ranking. The companies that ranked excellently in organic searches ranked high even in the local pack. Hence, businesses can record a good rank in local packs, regardless of whether marketers and web owners are leveraging linking, keywords, and other SEO strategies.

How is a review associated with the local search?

Small scale companies often feel inferior because they lack a significant online presence, close to the big companies. However, when you have favorable reviews posted on your Google My Business pages, the scene can change. And small businesses can have a decent amount of customer goodwill and reputation. Google will feature several reviews posted on Google My Business page, which indicates that local businesses always do well. It also suggests that the local company has a good reputation with the local consumers.

Google makes use of crowd-sourcing that denote if a website with an organization has a good reputation. Google has stipulated format for the interviews. It helps the customers to know the way their online reviews are going to appear. Google My Business tools are somewhat difficult for the spammers to crack in and hurt the consumer reputation. And even if they somehow get through, you can stay rest assured that Google is going to bring down the hackers and unscrupulous spammers.

Both quantity and quality matters in online reviews

Google analyses what the customers and other users are saying in their reviews, before coming up with a judgment about the ranking. Google provides individual attention to the local pack to those users who mention city names or keywords associated with the business.

Those websites that come with a high-end quality link profiles generally rank perfectly in the local search results. Also, the sites which have little or zero links, are the ones that come with very low-quality links and it also ranks well in this local search pack, just in case the business includes decent reviews on Google My Business.

Companies that still lack a website should develop one on priority! The website platforms are mostly simple to set up. Several templates come with instant updates. Hence, a couple of them need some necessary upkeep. Finally, if you lack a website, request your customers to post a review and rate your company in Google My Business. Request and encourage your customers to mention the services they loved in the city. This way, you can resort to local reviews and make it a part of your SEO strategy.

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