Hi there Quadszilla,

I've been reading your site with great interest for quite a while and I
thought let's send you an email because I have a question.

I'm a writer of anti-blogspam software and I've always considered the
whole blogspammers versus those who write this kind of software game a
nice cat-and-mouse game. I have no problems with SEO blackhats and their
ways, I'm just trying to keep them off my blog. If they can take advantage
of those who don't care for their own site then so much the better for you
guys :)

Anyway, the issue I'm mailing about is a weird new kind of blogspam that
seems to be slowly starting to emerge. 'Classic' blogspam always linked to
SEO spam sites, doorway pages or other sites that already have been
infested with spam in order to gain pagerank. I understand this mechanism.

What's been happening recently is people spamming on other people's blogs
with links that don't lead to any of these kinds of sites but to normal
weblogs by other people. Among others, my site has been affected by this
kind of spam. Someone (or more than one) is currently spamming with links
to my site. At first I thought this might be some malicious SEO blackhat
who hates me for writing rather effective anti blogspam software but later
on I found out this isn't the case. The fact that my site is affected
seems to be a matter of bad luck and unrelated to my activities in the
field of blogspam prevention. Several other bloggers who have nothing
to do with spam on both the sending and the receiving end have been
affected by it.

An article about it has been posted on spamhuntress.com:

My question to you is: Do you have any idea why this new kind of spam is
happening? Is this an attempt to disturb the already highly ineffective
centralized blacklists (they don't work at all since spam domains tend to
be created faster than anyone can maintain such a list). Besides being
seriously annoyed by this because it affects my website which doesn't even
have any commercial goal I completely fail to see the point of these spam

I'm interested in your views on this matter if you have some time to

Good luck with your great blog!

- Marco

Marco van Hylckama Vlieg - Senior Web Developer