Facebook: Please update your email address.

What the fuck is wrong with facebook and their?:

Our systems have detected that [email address] is no longer a valid email. Facebook requires all users to maintain an active contact email. Please enter and confirm a new contact email below:

I fucking validated it 5 times now including 2 days ago and I’m still getting this message. Get your shit together already, Facebook; You’re the number one destination on the Internet.

The Hypocrisy is Truly Amazing

Don’t you hate assholes that go around touting how they are morally superior to you?

Like priests that tell their flock how to follow God’s Path while molesting teenage boys on the side. Or like a company that says “Don’t be evil”, and then shows every day that evil is in their DNA.

The latest example is the release of a 0-day exploit on Microsoft (don’t miss the comment section there either, it’s priceless):

Google has been the loudest proponent for responsible disclosure in the past. But if you look at the dates in his post, he says he reported it to Microsoft on the 5th of June (a Saturday), who responded the same day. He sent the advisory early in the morning today the 10th of June – meaning Google gave Microsoft less than 5 days to fix it. Even Mozilla backed down from 10 day turn around, and they’re only running a single software suite. How is that possibly reasonable to expect a company like MS to turn around a patch in 4-5 days and then get so upset that then you must go full disclosure? And it’s not like Tavis was acting on his own – he credits other security researchers inside of Google for their help. So apparently it’s okay for Google to go full disclosure, but not for other researchers. The hypocrisy is amazing.

Yes. The hypocrisy is truly amazing. But it’s no longer even remotely surprising.

Tab Phishing

Be careful: This is one clever attack vector.

As Mozilla Firefox creative lead Aza Raskin describes it, the attack is as elegant as it is simple: A user has multiple tabs open, and surfs to a site that uses special javacript code to silently alter the contents of a tabbed page along with the information displayed on the tab itself, so that when the user switches back to that tab it appears to be the login page for a site the user normally visits.

Hat tip to Marlon.

Starcraft 2 and Productivity

This weekend I was hanging out in Boston with some cool MIT dropouts that do similar web stuff to what I do. One of them commented that he is now getting out of office replies from his russian programmers that include their BattleNet Rank and server!

So much for getting things done!

Why the New Bill Means I Won’t be Buying Health Insurance

The new health insurance bill that just passed forces a fine of up to $700 per year if you don’t have insurance.

It also states the insurance companies cannot decline coverage for pre-existing conditions.

So: no need to buy insurance. Just pay that fine every year. Pay out of pocket for your minor medical needs every year. Then if you get sick or get into an accident where you need insurance, you buy it on the day you get sick: they can’t turn you down.

It’s like buying fire insurance the day after you house burns down.

All you suckers who are actually paying for insurance before you need it (you know, the way insurance is suppose to work) will be in effect paying my catastrophic risk premium.

Great law there: because the problem with health insurance was that it was too affordable.

What is the Rational Decison?

Imagine you asked to take a bet. The bet is for your entire net worth. If you win, you double your net worth. If you lose, it goes to zero.

Here’s the kicker: You have a 90% chance to win and only a 10% chance to lose.

Do you take the bet? (answer with how many digits in your net worth).

Gmail Feature Follow-Up: This Ain’t Mashable Here!

Alright so already the “This Gmail Feature Would be Amazing” has more tweets than any other post I’ve ever done. Sure, 120 (as i’m writing this) isn’t earth-shattering, but this blog ain’t exactly mashable, (where every retarded post gets that many.)

But I’ve been convinced by the comments that it could be turned into an auto spammer with the auto-resend feature. No problem, we don’t need it. We just need to be reminded in 1-7 days when the thread we started or replied to has not been responded to.

Most of the time the email will be a reply with the original quoted saying “Where are we on this?” But not always.

If you understand GTG, you know why this would be so incredibly helpful. Even if you don’t, you probably understand at least half the benefit.

So Google: Where’s my new feature?!?

Hotmail? . . .Anyone?



This Gmail Feature Would Be Amazing

I know you Google Employees read this blog.

So listen up: take that free time or whatever it is that lets you start up side projects and implement this feature in gmail:


It will be so incredibly useful that I’m shocked no one has done it before. Shit, if Hotmail implemented this feature and fixed it so the browser back button worked, I’d fucking start using hotmail: it would be that helpful.

Corrected: Top 100 Site Traffic Breakdown

I saw this over at the BBC: A breakdown of traffic for the top 100 sites.

Their infographic was helpful, but it needed a slight correction. After careful study (many hard hours), I have concluded that this updated Infographic more accurately represents the traffic breakdown:

Margin of error +-50%

$200 Twitter Contest: 122 Characters Sent Back 2000 Years

Today, I saw what I thought was an interesting thread over on reddit:

If we could transmit a single, 140 character message back to the year 2000, what should it be?

But I misread it as:

If you could send a single 140 character message back 2000 years, what should it be.

And I think my misread is way more interesting. So much so, that I’m making a $200 twitter contest out of it.

Now we’ll need room for link, so lets make it 122 characters.

The Contest

Assume for a second that the message will be widely read, and that the readers can all understand English. What 122 character message would you send back to the year 10 AD (2000 years ago)?

Answer in a tweet: Up to 122 character answer followed by a space and then this url: http://tr.im/RllZ

Whoever comes up with the best answer wins $200 (via paypal). Best answer decided by me, but I may be influenced by the comments on this post.