SEO Starts with the Coming Soon Pages. Create, Customize and Track with the 3 in 1 Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin

Written By Dale Hammington

Every website starts with an idea, but the realization demands a detailed plan. To launch the website is not an easy path, and to succeed is not simple. There are many steps you are supposed to take before you could proudly admit – the website is successful. Every step plays an important role, but we can tell with confidence that SEO belongs to most important ones.

Approach the Audience in the Right Way

Content for your website is carefully planned long in advance to provide fast, accurate and important information on some topic or product. The more energy and knowledge you invest in the quality content, the better will be the feedback of your readers or customers.

At the time before your online business had started, coming soon page is usually there to greet and basically inform the visitor. However, they are more important than one would think. Try to consider them the first step in approaching your future audience, and give them a place they deserve.

There are some basic conditions every coming soon page has to be in accordance with. Appealing layout and attention-grabbing sample content belong to them. Since the coming soon pages have a lot of empty space, you can fill it with the company’s logo or some other imagery that does make the sense with the topic of the website. The logo design and overall design are supposed to match the identity of your business or blog, but you will really do yourself a favor if you think about the SEO on time and in advance.

Introduce Yourself Properly

Coming soon pages commonly pop up in the search engine, and they get a higher ranking if they are optimized well. It is especially important for saving time later in the future. Start to organize the website from the beginning. Although coming soon pages offer just the basic information, it can help a lot if the information is short but accurate and appealing.

Empower meta-description with adequate keywords and wait for first visitors. Regarding other entries you want to show up in search results, think about page titles, subtitles, and matching keywords. Use call-to-action strategy to attract visitors. The good thing is that you can fill coming soon page with content over time and before the website was completed officially. It is important for new domains since it offers a vivid introduction to visitors instead of a black empty page nobody likes. Before you have uploaded the full site, you already have the audience you can count on. Coming soon page is like the first impression, and the impression must be good. It leads to a deeper interaction with visitors who might sign up to a mailing list or recommend you on social media. All mentioned improves the SEO. Signup forms are recommended. They affect the traffic and play an important role in sharing the updates and connecting you with influencers and bloggers who cover the topic of your interest. Throw the attention towards social profiles that match to your site. They are visible on coming soon page on the first glance, and they add to a number of visitors.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode Plugin –Personal Technical Assistant

You have realized by now how the coming soon page should look like, all the way from its appearance to its content. A technical part of this enterprise is not less important. An excellent idea, creativity, and a good business plan are not enough to make it all happen. To work on every aspect of optimization is exhausting, but you can rely on an extremely user-friendly Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode plugin.

It will enable you to create the page in short without possessing any programming skills. The great advantage of this plugin is that it does have only useful and necessary features. For that reason, it does not slow down the site, and it runs smoothly. Your creativity will not be compromised if you turn to a gallery and check out over 60 amazing ready-made themes or you can choose among 650,000 free images. And you won’t need any 3rd party plugins for the job.

Think about what would the best suit your business, blog or brand, and pick up an optimum design. You can also turn to already created designs if you feel a small lack of inspiration. You can also change background filters. Inspired by Instagram, they are modern, appealing, and designed for video backgrounds too. Text, headlines or links will look different. Image preview is available in real time so you can move forward without wasting hours to save the picture each time. Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode will cost you a couple of minutes, and the variety of options is endless.

SEO Strategy Provided

In the field of SEO, Coming Soon PRO is unbeatable. Remember that you need traffic data from the beginning. Built-in tests will carefully analyze the complete content of the coming soon page along with the position of the headlines, meta-description, and other content. All options have been created with the goal to make the content of your page fully customizable.

To stand up in search results requires strategy, and the strategy is what this plugin provides with its SEO feature. SEO Analysis tool works on multilevel. It recognizes weak areas and solves a problem due to potential improvements. Good results are listed at the end. To make it clear, we will give you an example.

You have targeted the keyword, but it does not appear in the meta-description or in the title. The plugin will inform you that the title might be too short and needs a couple of targeted words more. If the page is not blocking search engines or the targeted words appear in meta-description, title, and in the content, it will be emphasized as a good result. The instruction how to fix SEO issues is easy-to-understand while the advanced SEO analysis offers you an advice on how to improve weak areas. Follow the advice and spare yourself further worries about ranking in search engines.


The coming soon page is the first announcement of the future website, and therefore it has to be equally carefully designed. Appealing appearance side by side with the attention-grabbing content will bring visitors and provide you with a higher ranking. To achieve that, you have to follow the rules of the market. Without a carefully planned strategy of SEO, it is almost impossible to gain the desired result.

On the one side, Coming Soon PRO is an up-to-date plugin that makes it easy to design a coming soon page in accordance with your needs while on the other, its specific tools will place your coming soon page to top results in search engines. At the time, the website becomes alive, you will be ready to preserve the rank and improve your business. And you know what – you can even start completely free of charge.

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