Black Hat SEO in a White Hat World

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    A good black hat SEO knows the algorithm better than anybody. Learn their tactics and philosophies here.

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    White Hat SEO doesn’t mean slow SEO. Learn how to make long-lasting search engine optimization scale able.

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    Grey zone is where all the fun is and if you like to have fun, checking out these Grey Hat tactics is perfect for you!

You know what's interesting about Black Hat SEO?

It’s that you hear about it demonized so much by popular SEO influencers, newbs are scared to death of it.

The unfortunate truth is that there’s a lot of misconception about what black hat SEO is and how it can be valuable.

I think of it as an accelerated learning tool for figuring out how the algorithmn works.

For example, let’s say you launched a site and built 1000s of links through automated links, paid links and 301 redirects.

Let’s say you got results quickly.

Let’s say you received a penalty and lost your rankings quickly.

Yes, it sucks, but it’s a learning experience.

Soon you’ll figure out, what you did wrong, where you were too aggressive, and ultimately, what Google is looking for.

Armed with this knowledge, you can even figure out white hat ways to apply what you figured out during your accelerated learning!

This website will be posting tactics and strategies from me, as well as insights from leaders in the industry on how to leverage black hat SEO as a learning tool, and in turn, thinking about it in ways that will drive long lasting results.

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