Best SEO Blogs to Follow for 2020

Written By Dale Hammington

We know SEO is ever-changing, right?

What was true 6 months ago may be turned on its head today.

When groupthink says something is dead, perhaps that tactic is more alive than ever?

Whatever the case, knowledge is power.

And seeking knowledge from the right sources is the difference between being a ho-mum SEO and a top-tier performer.

So without further ado, here are the top SEO resources you should check out and subscribe to in no particular order:


Case studies, KOL pieces, whiteboard Fridays and an active community are just some of the reasons to frequent the Moz blog. Anyone who’s been involved with search engine optimization knows about Moz and great tools they’re providing us with. With that being said, their blog is truly educating and a place where all top industry experts are sharing their expertise, knowledge, and experiences. This one will truly help you level-up your online marketing skills.

Neil Patel

Armed with a legion of writers and a clear content strategy, Neil Patel’s blog brings a healthy mix of definitive guides, case studies and now free tools to make it a worthwhile bookmark.

Search Engine Land

Search Engine Land is more than a typical blog. It provides you with the newest information from SEO world, tips and analysis of the search engine industry and gives you useful insights that can help your business to be found in search engines. It was founded in 2006 and it’s being updated on a daily basis – definitely one of the most reliable SEO sources online.

Search Engine Journal

This is a community-based website that gives you the best content-based information and most of the tips are coming from real online marketing experts. Besides providing their audience with daily news and tactics related to the SEO industry, they are also focusing on “big” pieces of content, which are rated as highly useful by their readership.

Cognitive SEO

Cognitive SEO might not be publishing their content as frequently as previously mentioned blogs, but every piece that can be found on their site is super useful for SEO experts and those who are interested in search engine industry. From SEO and social insights to case studies and software update news, this blog has interesting information that could help you upgrade your SEO skills.

Content Marketing Institute

Looking for practical, how-to guidance, insights and advice from experts, active community for discussing the latest SEO industry news? CMI has it all. Almost every question about search engine optimization that is out there has been answered through many articles, case studies, researches and blog posts here. This site is full of information on all aspects of content marketing – you should definitely check it out.

SEO Copywriting

Wanna get the best SEO writing tips? Are you tired of long, pointless eBooks and boring online classes? Then SEO Copywriting blog is the right fit for you. You are probably familiar with the fact that effective website copywriting is crucial for SEO and that it can help you attract a growing number of targeted customers. Well, don’t wait any longer – go visit this blog and start writing!

SEMrush Blog

This blog is not focusing only on a how-to article about using their tools, but also contains tactical posts and technical SEO tips which many of search engine optimization experts find really useful. You can find answers to any of your SEO, SEM, PPC or content marketing questions and you can also become a contributor if you have some information to share which can be beneficial and valuable to their readership.

Tubular Insights

Tubular Insight is a resource for marketers who are looking to learn more about online video’s impact on search engine marketing. They have a great base of video marketing articles, such as YouTube marketing, video marketing, eCommerce video, along with video analytics and rankings. And that’s not all – you can also choose the industry you’re interested in and read many useful pieces of content.


This site has been published more than 20 years ago which gives you an ability to go through the evolution of digital marketing and see how the industry developed throughout many years. It is one of the largest digital marketing communities in the world and they are continuously providing their audience with news and industry insights.


Crazy Egg is a well know heatmap software that helps you visualize your visitors and their blog is known as The Daily Egg. This platform has been created in 2006. and now only we think the software can be super-useful by many marketers, but you can also find interesting industry updates, case studies, how-to articles, and infographics.


Another well known SEO website is Yoast. We can say these blogs have all the information about SEO you need, regardless of the level of SEO knowledge you have. Interested in analytics? Or maybe eCommerce and UX? They provide you with detailed articles and guides, from SEO basics to advanced information which can be implemented in your digital marketing strategy.


Ahrefs is also a worldwide known SEO tool, used by many (if not, all) people involved in the SEO industry. It is a data-driven marketing toolset and they have detailed tutorials, case studies and many opinion pieces from marketing and industry experts. Currently, they have over 300 blog posts published and you can find them within a couple of categories – link building, keyword research, outreach, SEO basics, tools, and website traffic.


BuzzSumo is a great site where you can discover and analyze what content performs best for any topic that you have on your mind. Their blog is mostly focused on content marketing, but you can also find information about Google algorithms, website traffic, social shares, paid ads and much more.


SEOlium is a newly launched Google Rank Tracker tool, and it’s like nothing out there. First of all, they didn’t copy anyone and designed everything from scratch. As such, there are no artificial limits (number of projects, competitors, or reports), you have consumption-based pricing, it’s extremely accurate, and has many many other features.

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