Better SEO Strategy Can Dramatically Improve Website Conversions

Written By Dale Hammington

The most significant reason and benefit of improving your SEO is to have better conversions. However, the question is how far it really helps in this process. Most people are in doubt regarding this matter as the results are not shown right away. It will take a considerable amount of time to build your ranking given that fact there is n-number of the website with n-number of contents existing online and all are putting in their best efforts, personally or professionally, to improve their SEO and rankings.

Therefore, you will have to work hard towards it and make sure that you have the following things in place:

  • One high-quality content
  • Attractive and reputed backlinks
  • Established credibility with Google and lots more.

Irrespective of the fact when you will see the results, it is paramount that you make sure that you start working towards improving your SEO right now to have a better conversion.

How it works

If you do not know what is the best way to optimize your site, content and search engine then you will surely miss a considerable chunk of your profit.

  • To start with you must know that it is not necessary always to have very high traffic to ensure you have greater conversions. With strategic and planned SEO approaches you can even increase the possibilities of conversions even if you have a significantly low organic traffic to your website. It is all about the working process.
  • To improve the conversions, SEO usually directs the right searchers to your site. However, you will need to make the meaning and purpose of your content very clear so that Google understands it clearly and ranks it accurately so that your site is more easily found by the searchers that the site of your competitors.
  • Google works depending mostly on the search intent of the consumer. For this reason, you will need to make it very clear to Google with the use of appropriate keyword phrases that may be long-tailed but certainly not vague.
  • To enable Google to come up with the best and accurate search results from the entire web you must ensure that you write more value-driven, informative and longer articles. This will once again raise the chances of converting a visitor. With the proper value represented, it becomes easy for Google to recognize the matters that you have shared and will also make it highly intrigued.

To ensure that you get the best SEO results and a high rate of conversion, it is therefore required by you to ensure that you present your customers with attractive discounts and offers that will incentivize the when they click at your given links.

Focus on improving UX

User experience or UX as it is commonly known is very important for better SEO. That means, in order to optimize your site for conversions you must first improve the user experience. In other words, this simply means the ways in which the people perceive your website with respect to different factors such as:

  • Navigation
  • Finding the info they want
  • Satisfaction and
  • Appreciative content.

This means you will need to focus on the minute details to get more conversions. This will involve things like:

  • Examining the homepage
  • Identifying every component included in it
  • Checking the top navigation bar for its optimal functionality
  • Your logo prominence. You can see some examples on DesignHill
  • Location of the widgets in the sidebar and lots more.

When you look into these and find that a few specific things need to be removed, you must give it a second thought so as to find out whether or not it will affect the user experience in a negative manner. If it does not, then you can get it or those elements removed.

However, make sure that all the time you focus on driving more and more organic traffic towards your site by making sure that the people perform the actions that you exactly want then to take.

Focus on better analysis

Before making any changes to your content or website you must analyze a lot of things. This is not an easy task and you may take professional help for SEO by Joel House if you are not sure about it.

To ensure that you analyze things better you must consider different user behavior tools that are available for free on the internet. These tools will help you in many different ways such as:

  • It will help you to analyze things in a better and more accurate way so that you can identify the things that need to be improved or removed with more precision.
  • It will eliminate any guesswork in the process as there is no scope for it when it comes to providing a better user experience to the visitors.
  • These tools will prevent you from removing any element that you lay feel unnecessary but is important for your site according to the analytical report of these tools and vice versa.

That means changes you make or any SEO strategy you follow will be for the ultimate benefit of your site as well as for your business.

When you run this different user behavior reports you will have a better and more unique insight regarding the actions as well as the inactions of people when they visit your website. For example, a specific user behavior tool called Heatmaps will help you to see the specific area that is clicked most by the visitors.

After making a proper analysis of the report and results you will now be able to place the most significant elements according to you on that specific area or the page.

 To wrap it up

To conclude it can be said that SEO can improve the rate of conversion but it may also prove to be an extremely complex matter to understand. However, knowing the basics of it will provide you with the head start.

Always stick to better quality content and provide as much info and value to your audience as you can. It will surely increase visits and conversions.

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