Cryptocurrency SEO and Marketing Trends in 2020

Written By Dale Hammington

Attracting success when you own a cryptocurrency-related business means that you have a very deep understanding of Internet marketing and SEO related trends. When you truly understand these trends, you can increase you overall customer reach, boost traffic, visibility, business popularity, brand loyalty, and conversion rates. 

In this article, we will look at some of the most relevant crypto compatible SEO and marketing trends of 2020: 

1. Google’s mobile-first indexing 

Research has shown that desktop computers no longer hold supremacy on the web and usage has decreased since users spend approximately 59% of their time browsing the web through their web devices. 

At the moment, Google holds about 96% of all mobile search traffic, which is why the search engine has replaced its desktop indexing algorithm with a mobile-first tool for indexing and ranking content on the web. It is very likely that it will become the default in 2020 and all websites will be ranked according to their mobile version. 

For this reason, crypto website owners need to make sure that their websites have a mobile version that loads quickly is free from bugs. They must also place a strong focus on deploying mobile-based SEO strategies to maintain and further boost their search engine rankings. 

2. The appearance of alternative communication channels 

Over the years, Internet users have valued genuine and personalized conversation online, this has led to the appearance and quick popularity growth of chatbots for multiple websites.  While customer service agents have existed, it just isn’t feasible to employ agents to be readily available 24/7 and are always ready to answer. But chatbots never get tired and they are always professional, recent AI and machine learning advancements have made them better than ever. Reports have shown that the use of chatbots are sure to grow leads, while also generating a large number of lifetime responses with platform users, current and potential customers. This makes it easier for customers and businesses because users generally don’t have the time required to personally browse the website in search for an answer to their question. Bots can be easily designed and updated to keep up with user questions. 

FAQs can be effective and work but only to a certain degree because they are designed for generally questions but they are generally not personalized to current user needs. 

3. Understanding the importance of brand history and philosophy

Unless you have created a new niche, you are probably dealing with a handful of competitors in your target industry. It can be difficult, expensive, and time-consuming to differentiate from other businesses that offer similar products and services. However, there are some strategies can be applied to ensure that customer loyalty and be easily obtained and retained. 

Trends have indicated that a well-thought brand philosophy and direction can fulfill the purpose of establishing a deeper connection with users. Both existing and future customers need to be aware of your brand philosophy and overall vision.  This makes business seem less rigid, giving them a certain degree of humanity. Brand loyalty entails that customers humanize their interactions with companies and understand their market views. 

4. Personalization is here to stay 

There is definitely an increasing importance of personalization done by businesses and are setting a new standard for customer interaction. If you don’t pick up on that trend and remain a fairly generic company, your company is bound to have negative consequences. 

Each company can personalize all aspects of their design and everything about their company. Some companies generally just send out emails that are based on user behavior analysis. It is important for companies in the crypto industry to ensure that they carry out relevant user analysis. 

For example, Netflix analyzes the type of content that users prefer to watch and attempts to forecast future needs. Spotify focuses on creating playlists that are based on user preferences 

5. Positive, yet unexpected user experience 

Crypto businesses can differentiate themselves from the competition by providing users with extra and unexpected services. Unadvertised loyalty discount can be applied on users’ second and future purchases in an effort to retain brand loyalty. Another strategy is segmentation, it can be implemented to help differentiate the potential value of clients. It allows businesses to prioritize their relationships with valuable customers and improve the overall experience through outside-the-box services. 

This trend will improve word-of-mouth advertising alongside profitability. 

6. The rising demand for video content 

It has become popular to create video marketing strategies over the past few years. It is obviously still necessary to create high-quality written content to present products and services but video content is highly-sought after. Videos can be used to present features of your products/service alongside tutorials. A video based presentation will likely be able to tell a better story when compared to screenshots and text. Your company’s marketing reach and overall influence on the market can expand by live streaming product launches, hosting Q&As and sharing opinions. 

7. No time to chill – act fast and act now 

The cryptocurrency market evolves considerably quicker compare to most other industries. Because of this, you need to keep on your toes because there is not a lot of time to figure out the right approach because other companies will definitely be doing the same.  You need to best implement your strategies as soon as possible even if it is not completely ready. Be sure to work with companies such as pressfarm to have an evolved approach to the current market conditions. 

8. Be on the lookout for other cryptocurrency

New trends appear every day so it is recommended that cryptocurrency companies invest time in research and marketing strategy trials. Some other relevant trends that are also applicable to the cryptocurrency industry include: 

  • The implementation of AI-based marketing channels 
  • Influencer Marketing 
  • Social messaging apps 
  • Instagram/Facebook stories 
  • Interactive content 
  • User- generated content 
  • Automation
  • Big data integrations 

High-quality cryptocurrency marketing entails that businesses become adaptable to industry needs. A successful marketing campaign wont have the desired results as long as your products and services are not top-notch. Professional marketing efforts must succeed the development of products that fill a market gap. They obviously also need to invest time and resources into ensuring mobile optimization, customer behavior analysis, chatbots, brand loyalty, and personalization. 

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