Digg For SEO

Written By Dale Hammington
Digg for SEO

Did you realize that most companies spend about $5,000 a month on digital marketing? As any digital marketer will tell you, it’s not what you pay for a marketing tool, but how effective it is. Failing to monitor your marketing efforts may lead to you wasting money on campaigns that aren’t producing results.

Digg is one of the most popular social voting sites on the Internet. This site receives nearly 2.5 million visits a month. Most marketers prefer using Digg over their competitor Reddit due to how user-friendly and effective it is. When used correctly, Digg allows you to share your content with a host of new users.

Read below to find out more about this site and how you can use it to further the reach your company has.

How Does Digg Work?

The first thing you probably want to know is how Digg actually works. The members of the Digg community are allowed to submit and share content under the main categories of the site. These categories include everything from Business to Gaming and nearly everything in between. The broad categories on Digg allow for nearly any type of content to be submitted.

Each piece of content submitted on the Digg site can be voted on by members of this community. This process is usually referred to as getting digs or being dug. The more people you have vote on your content, the higher the possibility becomes of it being featured on the Digg homepage.

While there is no exact formula for what gets content on the Digg homepage, most marketers maintain that any submission that receives a high number of votes in a short amount of time is sure to get to this coveted spot.

Set up your Digg profile

Correctly Setting Up Your Digg Profile

After you have created your initial Digg account, you will need to fill out your profile. The information you will need fill out on this profile includes:

    • Your Full Name- In order to get people to find your Digg page, you will need to put in either your full name or the name of your business. Failing to provide the right name can make it difficult to show up in search results.
    • About Yourself Details- This section allows you to tell the Digg community more about who you are and what your interests are. You need to make sure the interests you put in this section reflects your business. Other Digg users with similar interests will likely follow you right away. This is why filling out this section completely is so important when trying to hit the ground running with your new Digg profile.
  • Putting In Links- The team at Digg allow new users to put up to 5 links in their profile. These links should include your website and any social media accounts you have set up for your business. Although these links are considered no-follow, they will allow Digg users to find out more about your business.

Once you have filled out this information, you need to head on over to the “Viewing Digg” section. This section allows you to change the posts you see when you sign on to the site. You can also set how you want to open your external links and how to handle comments on your submissions.

Tips for getting followers

Tips on Getting Followers

Creating a strong Digg following is the only way to get your submissions seen by a large number of people. While getting followers on Digg can be a bit difficult, it is worth the effort. If you are trying to get new Digg followers, you may want to try things like:

    • Comment on Other User’s Digg Submissions- The world of Digg marketing is based on give and take. Before you can get others to like and comment on your submissions, you will have to engage with their posts. By actively commenting and digging content in your industry, you can pick up more followers with the same interests.
    • Put Links to Your Digg Profile Everywhere- Putting links to your Digg profile in places like your email signature, on your website and in social media bios can be very effective when trying to get more followers. You can also do things like Tweet out your Digg profile on occasion. This will allow your Twitter followers to connect with you on this forum.
  • Follow As Many People As Possible- In order to create a buzz around your new Digg profile, you need to connect with as many users as possible. The Digg site as a “Find People” page that makes connecting with like-minded individuals much easier.

Getting Diggs is Easy When Following These Tips

Now for the information you have been waiting for- how to get digs on your submissions. While there isn’t a road map to getting diggs, you definitely can have success with doing things like:

  • Don’t Forget to Add the Digg Button To Your Content- The team at Digg offers a number of Digg button styles to choose from. Often times, you can add JavaScript code directly to the pages you want to get dug. Most self-hosted websites will support this type of JavaScript code.
  • Share Your Digg Submissions on Twitter- While a Digg button can be effective, sharing your Digg submissions on social media can garner you a lot of attention. In order to get a link for your Digg submission, you need to click the comment section of the post and get the URL. By posting this link on social media, you can direct your followers to your submissions with ease.
  • Use Email to Your Advantage- Marketing your new Digg content to your audience is easy when using the power of email marketing. Sending out a link to your customers with a brief message about how this content can benefit them will help you to get more diggs.

While creating a massive following for your business on Digg will take some time, it will be worth the effort. The main thing you need to do to have continued success on this site is post relevant content on a consistent basis.

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