Digital Marketing Made Simple: a Step by Step Guide

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In case you have been wondering what these popular terms mean, then this article will not only answer your question but also equip you with awesome insights on how to go about the entire process of digital marketing. Well, to put it simply, this is advertising via digital channels. These digital channels may include email, websites, search engines, mobile apps and the most popular being social media.

Another definition could be that digital marketing is an effort made to get out the word concerning what your company offers in terms of service provision and goods sold by use of the internet. Right from when you conceive the idea of going digital to when you make your first sale, all this is digital marketing.

Here in this digital marketing guide we will discuss six categories of online marketing. So let us dive right in:

  1. Content marketing

 In this day and age, YouTube channels and other outlet platforms tend to pay handsomely for content viewed on their platform. This has increased a growth in the content creation space where creators produce content and sell to these outlet platforms. This is a very popular form of digital marketing.

  1. Search engine optimization

Of course you have been on Google and typed in something. Then the search result appears. What search engine optimization does, it makes your particular website to be among the very first search results to appear on the results page. To achieve this you must use a unique set of keywords and other parameters in your website content. So, SEO gives you more visibility and hence more traffic to your website. All this amounts to efficient digital marketing can be done by SEO consultant India.

  1. Pay per Click advertising (PPC)

This is somewhat similar to SEO, only that it is weighs in more on the social media marketing side. This is where you create advertisements and put them on social media. The social media platforms create an algorithm that helps your ads to blend in naturally into their feeds. Thus you pay them as per click to your website. This is also a very brilliant way because you can track the progress of your advertisements and how many social media accounts have been reached.

  1. Email marketing

This is kind of old school but whatever works, right?  You can integrate a feature into your website that allows clients to input their email address and if they give consent you can be sending them emails. These emails should contain various updates to your site, offers or deals you are giving and so much more information that you can provide on this platform. It is a very effective way of digital marketing simply because it allows you to contact the client directly.

To prevent your email marketing from being sent to spam folders, so you should use a transactional email service. It will help your email marketing strategy more effective.

  1. Affiliate marketing

This is a somewhat reliable means. It involves referral marketing where you divide profits with a group of other marketers and in turn they promote your products and you promote theirs. It is not independent, so that fact is a downside to this strategy. You depend on others to market you but this could also be a good thing because you are reaching a different audience and so your products and services have a larger reach. 

  1. Search engine marketing

This method requires you to dig deeper into your pocket.  Some marketers pay Google and other search engines to display advertisements. What they hope to achieve is very simple: drive more traffic to their products or websites. This is also an effective means because it empowers you with a large market reach. More visibility means more clients and this is music to the ears of any marketer. But also, you need to provide quality services and products because happy clients come back with their friends.

Additionally, here are a few important points to carry along as you embark on the digital marketing space:

  • The results of digital marketing are not instant. You need to have some patience.
  • The results are solely dependent on how good your digital marketing strategy is.
  • Digital marketing works differently for different business models.

Moreover, you need to have a strategy and set objectives that you will achieve once the strategy is rolled out. You cannot go blindly into the digital space, so you need to plan. Not planning is planning to fail.

Importance of a digital marketing strategy:

  1. Knowing your audience and your market share– unlike traditional means of marketing, digital marketing equips you with the tools to reach your specific target audience and assess what your share of the market is.
  2. You are without direction– having a strategy gives you a sense of where to head and what you need to do to achieve a set objective.
  3. Set a budget– to ensure you don’t run out of resources, a good strategy should keep your accounts in check.

So now that you see the importance of having a marketing plan lets dive deeper into the objectives you need to have:

  1. Generate leads by digital marketing

Digital marketing should generate leads to your website. It is the sole mission of digital marketing.

  1. Increase traffic search

This is materialized by getting free traffic from different search engines by the use of SEO. This can create a more permanent online visibility.

  1. Increase sales

This is a major objective. A growth in sales is the ultimate goal of any business. So create a strategy that prioritizes this.

  1. Improve brand visibility

This is a crucial factor to consider when coming up with a digital marketing strategy. Increasing your visibility will do many awesome things to your business like from increased sales to building a good online reputation. You can use social media to hike the visibility of your brand.

How SSL helps SEO to get ranking?

To make digital marketing successful, you should not ignore website security. Recently, Google has considered HTTPS as a ranking factor. Here, HTTPS can get with SSL certificate. SSL certificate provides web security by securing data flowing between the browser and the server. When a website has a secure padlock and HTTPS, the site will get a boost in search ranking. Moreover, customers will likely to connect such secured site in future.

Finally, to be successful, you will need to employ at least three digital marketing techniques or more. You also need to get a very good digital marketing strategy in order to achieve any sense of success in this space. Most marketers are very creative and come up with new methods of marketing and promoting products every day. So wear your creative hat and get to business.

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