Effective methods to improve the design of your responsive website

Written By Dale Hammington

All business owners are aware of the great importance of having a functional business website. A business website is essential for developing your business. The design of your business website will the most basic and fundamental aspect of your online business plan. It is important that you make it with a lot of dedication. It is crucial that when you make your business website’s design, you should not just only focus on desktop computers. Studies have revealed that more and more people are using their smartphones for accessing the internet these days and so you need to cater to this audience as well. This can be easily done with a responsive business website, and in this article, you will be learning on how you should do that.

The desktop version of a business website is something that most business owners focus on, but this means that they are losing out on a lot of other users who do not use the desktop for surfing the internet. A website which is made for navigation on the desktop would not function properly on mobile phone screens and tablets.

1. Put more priority on the mobile phone: Before you start to make your plans for the designs of either the desktop version or the laptop, you need to focus extensively on mobile devices. People these days mostly use their cell phones to access different types of websites and especially when they are on the go, commuting to work or traveling. Thus, you need to focus on the design of your site for mobile screens first. Surfing the internet through mobile phones is not only convenient but also extremely practical these days. The number of people using cell phones has risen exponentially as well. It is for this reason that you must focus on mobile phones. In the future, more people would use them, and you do not want to give them a bad experience when they visit your website. Besides mobile phones, tablets are also used these days extensively.

2. Compatible for all: You should use the various analytical tools available to assess if the various contents that you uploaded on your website can be seamlessly accessed by users on different devices and social media platforms.

3. Build your site for the mobile customer: These days people would be interacting with several places through different mannerisms, and when they access a website through the smartphone, then you should expect, it to be different than when they access it from the desktop. You will have analytical tools to help you assess which is being preferred more by users: the desktop or the mobile version and then focus on that. You will also have to find out if the users prefer to get more information in a quick and efficient way through search bars. When you see this is indeed the case, then you should let ensure that the search bars are easily locatable and viewable on your website.

4. The speed requirements should be catered to without fail: It is possible that some business websites may take time for loading in spite of them having a responsive website design. But people who are using smartphones would not like waiting for too long for getting access to the content they are looking for. You should know that when you are using images on your website which have not been correctly optimized, then it may slow down your speed. Your site will then suffer from a lack of responsiveness. Thus, you should remember to optimize the images and scale them so that you do not lose out on your speed unnecessarily.

5. Do away with all the extra stuff: You will have to ensure that you can remove all the extra and excessive stuff from your website. You should not keep unnecessary elements on it as it will only make the website look cluttered. You should try and enhance a user’s experience of going through your website. When you remove the clutter, then you can see that the loading time for your pages becomes much quicker. Pages load fast and thus appear more useful to the user. With superficial elements, pages will take more time to open. So you should get all of those extra, additives removed from the website. You will be then able to lighten your website and reduce junk while providing only the essential information.

6. Focus on your business website’s readability: It is absolutely vital that you must ensure that when users come to visit your business website, they are not required to squint if they want to read the content and they do not have to pinch the screens and zoom to read. You must ensure that the texts of your contents are optimized automatically so as to enable people to read them even on their smaller screened devices easily. It is important that you should have an optimum font size of 12 points for the texts that you use.

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Having a responsive web design can be vital for your success and ensure that your business website can survive in the long run. It will help make navigation on your website much easier, and users can easily locate the things that they want to see or access. Users can access the contents of your website from different devices, and this will increase the convenience factor of your website. The tips which have been mentioned in the article can allow you to make informed decisions when creating a responsive web design.

With more mobile responsiveness, the business website will increase its functionality and help you get more viewers and consequently more customers. It will lead to more users which in turn will result in higher business revenues. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.

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