Popular SEO Forums You Should Be Following

Written By Dale Hammington
SEO Forums to follow

Spreading the word about the products or services your business offers is no easy task. Without an adequate internet marketing strategy in place, you will struggle to keep your company afloat.

Did you realize that Google receives over 63,000 searches per second? Tapping into a fraction of this large audience can help you take your business to the next level.

If you are new to the world of search engine optimization, then you will need to soak up as much information as possible. There are countless SEO forums online that can help you answer the toughest search-related problems with ease.

Read below to find out more about the most popular SEO forums you need to be following.

The Warrior Forum

One of the biggest online marketing sites out there is the Warrior Forum. Since 1997, this forum has been covering topics like link building and other very technical SEO issues. There are also a number of threads that are devoted to strategies for making money online.

When using this SEO forum, you can get information about PPC advertising, copywriting and advice on marketing your digital services. On the Warrior Forum, you will be able to get quick replies to the various questions you post. If you are not well-versed in SEO, don’t worry because the Warrior Forum has threads specifically designed for beginners.

Google Webmaster Central Help

For years, SEO professionals from all walks of life have used Google Webmaster Central Help. The SEO advice you receive on this forum comes from actual Google employees. This means you can rest assured the answers you get are comprehensive and correct.

Many of the questions you have will already have answers to them. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for in previous posts, you can make a post of your own. Everything you post in this forum will be indexed. This means it will appear in other search results in the future.

The V7N Webmaster Forum

The best part about using V7N is the eclectic mix of webmaster sections they have to offer. On this site, you will find forums dedicated to business, web marketing and even web development. If you are looking for informative SEO strategy threads, you will have no problem getting what you need on this site.

When you register to be a member of this forum, you will be able to send direct messages to other users. Signing up to be a member is free, so there is really no excuse not to do it. If you feel like you can add something to an existing thread, you can easily post a reply on it.

Wicked Fire

Are you looking for a way to interact with developers and internet marketers? If so, using the Wicked Fire forum is a great idea. Any and everything you need to know about website optimization can be found on this informative site.

Once you sign up to become a user of this forum, you can interact with other users privately or on public message boards. This forum has over 210,000 members and each of them has a unique take on what is required to achieve search engine dominance. Soaking up the information on this forum will allow you to become a search engine master in no time.

SEO Chat

Among the most widely revered SEO forums on the planet is SEO Chat. The best part about using this forum is that it is free. Sharpening and honing the SEO skills you have is easy when using the information found on SEO Chat.

On this forum, you will find tips and tricks that will help you optimize your website and increase the amount of traffic you are getting. You can also find helpful posts about things like social media marketing and paid online advertising as well. This forum is free to use and filled with a wealth of knowledge. In order to get the most out of SEO Chat, you will need to actively engage in conversations with other users frequently. SEO Chat also provides its members with keyword tools and other helpful software.

Resources for SEO

Black Hat World

Are you looking for interesting SEO tips and tricks? Using the Black Hat World forum is a great way to find out about little-known and effective SEO tactics. Often times, newcomers to the world of search engine marketing have a number of misconceptions. Rather than letting these misconceptions get in the way of your success, you need to go on forums like Black Hat World to find out more information.

Most users love this forum due to the vast amount of information it has as well as its zero tolerance policy for spam. Spending just an hour on this forum will allow you to find out some useful information about how to achieve search engine success.

Reddit SEO

Who doesn’t love going on Reddit to look at all of the interesting threads it has? Did you realize there is a massive SubReddit dedicated to SEO? Using Reddit SEO is a great idea for marketers or small business owners looking to create a competitive edge.

This forum is filled with newbies, so you can ask any questions you want without feeling embarrassed. Reddit SEO provides you with a great opportunity to speak with experienced marketers to find out useful information. With the information you get from this forum, you should be able to put together effective marketing campaigns with ease.

Online resources to build SEO


For marketers looking for extensive knowledge from a number of different reputable sources, Quora is a great website to visit. This forum prides itself on letting users ask questions, answer questions and edit threads all from one easy to use dashboard. Improving your SEO knowledge will be a breeze with information from this website. It is also free to use and offers you the opportunity to collaborate with other users.

The time and effort you spend exploring the forums mentioned above will definitely be worth it. In order to be a success in the world of SEO, you need to continue educating yourself on the latest marketing techniques and tools on the market. These forums will help you keep your knowledge of the marketing industry current.

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