Manage Your Business Finance with Top-Notch Fintech Tools in 2019

Written By Dale Hammington

With digital and fintech revolution it has become easy to keep a note of financial transaction, invest wisely, calculate taxes, manage your finances and get payments faster. Using various finance tools and applications can assist you to achieve financial security with transparent financial transactions and simplified procedures. Here are few trending fintech tools that are necessary for smooth and secured financial transactions of your business.

1. Zenefits

Want to skip calculating payrolls and managing salaries with a hand-held calculator? If yes, then Zenefits is the perfect tool for you. It is cloud-based software with the ability to process huge data and take care of payrolls, salaries, paid leaves, medical insurances of employees, compliances, and lot more. What’s more, this tool carries out all the process automatically once relevant data is entered. Apart from managing remunerations Zenefits also strives to follow prescribed rules and regulations.

2. Gusto

Gusto is another great tool which handles employee remunerations and benefits. It organizes all the HR functions with exceptional ease and saves you time as well as money. Besides salaries and payments, Gusto also looks after necessary electronic paperwork in order to aid its clients in labor, tax, and immigration laws.

3. Expensify

Expensify lets you keep account of the employee expenses. It provides the best solutions for employees to turn in their receipts for reimbursement. Its user-friendly features make uploading receipts and drafting expenditure reports easy by categorizing expenses methodically. The expensify tool can be updated once expenses are reimbursed and deposited in the employee’s account. This software also has an app that lets employee upload and saves receipt images in order to keep a note of their expenditure.

4. Emburse

Emburse is similar to Expensify and manages employee expenses. The only difference is that Emburse comes with cards which can be handed out to the employees to pay expenses in advance. These cards operate as virtual credit cards for employees and come with credit-card numbers, security code, expiry date, etc so that they can be used in various online transactions like booking flights to buying inventories. You can allocate a certain amount for a certain group of employees based on department or division to exercise control over expenditure.

5. Due

Managing bills and payments cannot get any better. Due makes it easy to identify due payments and send a reminder to the concerned people. This tool comes with a digital wallet and the ability to receive various different payments to aid you in managing different payment forms. You can set Due to automatically transfer money into your bank account upon receiving of payments. It also deals with recurring invoices and helps you save the time spent on invoicing.

6. Xero

Xero is a tool that delivers the best accounting services for businesses. It provides bookkeeping solutions to various businesses and can be a great investment if you are not keen on doing it yourself. Xero is also compatible with much other software like QuickBooks.

7. Kabbage

Limited funding is the most common issue that many budding businesses face today. Kabbage is a fintech tool that assists you in retrieving funds when you most need it. Kabbage allows you to establish a credit line of working capital up to $100,000. You can utilize this money to purchase equipment, buy inventory, pay remunerations or complete other business transactions. Procedure to apply is fast, safe and easy.

8. Nxt

If you are looking forward to becoming part of the blockchain revolution, then this tool is for you. Apart from being a Cryptocurrency, Nxt is a blockchain platform that allows you to design your own application to manage your financial transactions and aids you in fueling the growth of your business. If you are ready to experiment with the power of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies then Nxt is the most intriguing tool for your business.


Whether you want to manage payroll, organize bookkeeping, pay bills, collect payments or track employee expenditures, it can be easily accomplished with above-mentioned fintech tools. These technologically advanced tools save time, reduce expenditure and promise well secured financial transactions which in turn allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

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