Present Ideas For Your Office Bestie 30’s B-Day

Written By Dale Hammington

Another birthday and another tough call on what to get for your friend’s birthday, especially those friends that you see each day – office friends! If you’re choosing something for your friend’s 30th birthday or if they’ve already reached that milestone before, it still means you need to get them something that’s both practical and meaningful. Forget about silly presents because now you’re adults, and to handle all that growing up/business mood, we’re offering a few fabulous ideas.

Of course, one of the most important parts of any milestone birthday is the party. Everyone deserves to have a party thrown for them, but planning out the details can be difficult. One easy way of making sure you’re friend knows you put thought and effort into their party, is by getting something big, like a photo booth. It might seem simple, but things like this easily make the event feel more special. Photo booths are also ideal like this because you have a great way of documenting the event. You’ll have photos that you can keep forever to remind you a close friend’s big day.

Cosmetic travel bag

Whether your friend tends to travel a lot for work, or maybe she just tends to go on more than one vacation a year, a roll-up cosmetic travel bag will be of great help. She can store all of her toiletries, makeup brushes, and tools without the risk of spilling everything all over her suitcase. What’s more, thanks to the hook on the top, once the bag is rolled out, she can hang it on the bathroom door or wherever she finds it convenient. Because of the see-through pockets, she’ll be able to find everything easily without rummaging through the entire bag.  

A fashionable watch

Every woman needs a fashionable watch to compliment her outfits. So, if your friend doesn’t own one, or she needs another one that looks posher than the one she already owns, go for a metal mesh bracelet watch in silver colour. Feel free to bring her along so that you know exactly which size she needs. If the case diameter is too big, the watch will look disproportionate to her wrist, and if the case is too small, it will appear more as a bracelet than a watch.

Stylish key accessory

Keys are one of the items that we tend to misplace most often. So, in order to make your friend always know where they are, give her a nice stylish monogram keyring. Not only will this make her keys noticeable, but it is also a cute little accessory that will look fabulous if she only brings along her wallet, purse, and a phone on a walk around the town. You can go for an updated keyring that doubles up as a cardholder. That way she can have her ID and credit card safely stored without the need to bring her entire wallet.

Customized water bottle

Hydration is the key to a healthy body, so if your friend is always busy and forgets to hydrate when on the move, she’ll love a reusable water bottle that she can have with her at all times. Choose the one with a cheeky quote or the one featuring her favourite colour combo so she won’t be able to resist have it everywhere with her. She can hydrate and make super Instagrammable photos all at once while always remembering her best friend. Go a step further and get them a smart water bottle that tracks their daily water intake so they know exactly if they’ve had enough H2O.

Desk elliptical

In today’s world, where most of us are leading a sedentary lifestyle or just spending endless hours behind the desk, finding every opportunity to be active is the key. So, if your friend needs to go on the move, allowing them to be active even when sitting down. With a desk elliptical, they’ll be able to do laps and keep the blood in their body pumping. This will be highly beneficial for everyone who has problems with swelling feet due to long sitting hours.  

Make-up essentials

One of the safest choices for every woman is makeup. Even if they don’t spend every day in front of the mirror applying endless layers of foundation and eyeshadow, they’ll still do their maquillage every once in a while. So, feel free to get your friend an eyeshadow palette with all the neutral tones which she can use for no-makeup, makeup look if she doesn‘t like to experiment with colours. With a set of makeup brushes and a fixing spray, you’ll have her all set for the next day at the office or another first date. 


The next time you’re out there, birthday present hunting, keep in mind our few suggestions. You can’t go wrong with whichever present from the list you choose. What’s more, keep the list for future years and you’ll be settled for at least 6 next birthdays. 

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