Provide Direct Answers On SERP For A Better SEO

Written By Dale Hammington

There is no need to publish a thousand posts every year to get a better SEO results just as most people believe. There are several instances where you will see that a website is doing really well when it comes to search engine optimization and rankings even by publishing lees than twenty posts a year. The secret here is to keep the posts up to date at all times. Here’s how:

  • All you have to do for this is to rewrite them on a regular basis and focus on including new information each time in it as you may find.
  • It is very important to publish on a regular basis as that will fetch higher ranks and great results. You can make it a point to post at least once in a month but make sure that your content is in-depth and thorough.
  • You must also focus on providing direct answers right on the Search Engine Result Page. This will help Google finally to provide these to the searchers. Just make sure that you write the content very clearly so that Google can recognize the answer to a specific question in it. These direct answers must directly show up under the search bar.

These steps will ensure that you avoid spams and follow the requirements and latest updates in SEO. You will also be able to keep up with the changes in algorithm made by Googlelast year to make sure that those people who were cutting the verbiageare right on the desired track.

The results of such changes are:

  • You will need to provide a detailed guide
  • Add long ‘howto’ elements
  • Make sure that you clear up the writing
  • Avoid using fancy buzzwords and
  • Not make complex sentence constructions.

If you follow these practices then you will surely make sure that you sound smart through your content and help your SEO. Follow the tips provided and practices followed by different SEO experts to ensure that you get the best results with minimum effort put into it.

Keyword selection is critical

Ideally, the majorly important part of the answer will lie in the keyword itself. That is why, selection of the right type and length of keyword is very important. There are several different critical aspects that you should keep in mind when you select a particular keyword phrase if you want to provide Google as well as your visitors with the best direct answers.

However, keyword selection is such an important and essential topic that it is not enough to say that you will need to conduct a thorough and proper keyword research. It will require a lot more than that and therefore it deserves a dedicated section of its own. The primary reason for this is that:

  • More than 90% of SEO typically is based on the keyword selected and used. Therefore, you should get to the point and make sure that the keywords you select and use typically dictates what your content and each of its part is all about.
  • You must also know that the keyword you select and use dictates the way in which you describe your brand in your piece and by which name you call your website online.
  • Apart from that, you must also know that the keywords you select dictatesthe way in which you build the links and it includes everything right from the strategies you select to the plan of applying them in your piece.

If you know these reasons you will know how important it is to avoid making the common mistake that people make. A few of these common mistakes are:

  • Stopping and redesigning the website
  • Coming out with an entirely new marketing campaign
  • Stopping to update their pages after doing it for a couple of weeks only and
  • Thinking that keyword research is a one time job and need not to be done continually.

In reality, it is just the opposite that you should do for better SEO results. The best SEO services keyword fyrebird will advise that you constantly dokeyword research as they do because that will help you to reevaluate constantly the performance of the keywords and the returns these are generating. It will help you to be smart and know at all times whether or not the keywords that you are using right now still makes sense and are relevant to the subject matter of the existing content.

You must follow specific steps to avoid making the common keyword research mistakes and making bad keyword decisions.

  • Make sure that you do not pick up the wrong keyword because it will fetch the wrong audience. For example, if you use a keyword phrase that says ‘free business growth tips’ for you consultation business and currently ranking number one in the SERP, you will attract large number of traffic but all wrong ones.
  • The audience will mostly, if not all, comprise of people looking only for free stuff and this means they will not buy your service when they visit your site, no matter how worthy your consultation service is.
  • Therefore, such a keyword that will send thousands of people to your site each month but all of them wrong and unproductive is of no use or sense even if it helps you to rank better in the SERPs.
  • On the other hand you will be much better off picking an entirely different set of keywords even if you have to give a major portion of the visits using the above mentioned keywords with the word ‘free’ in it.

Think about it in a completely different perspective and in this way: even if you have just a couple of visitors each month who read your content, finds it interesting and converts, you will already be ahead of your competitors.

Therefore, it is important to make sure that your readers know who you are and what you do right from the short and direct answers they see on the SERPs. This will not cost you much but will provide high value in return. 

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