The Best Features Of The New Magento Delivery Date Extension

Written By Dale Hammington


Online shopping have become a common practice amongst all parts of the industry. Be it grocery shopping, clothing, or even tech items, people have shifted their focus to ecommerce. No one wishes to stand in long queues waiting for their turn to arrive. Rather, people have started considering the new online system to be far more effective. 

Many online businesses have become so successful that they have increased their courses of operations to multiple nations worldwide. This has helped them in broadening their scale of work and reaching out more customers likewise. While this a huge success for the business, it can be very challenging to deal with such scenarios too. 

Common problems faced by international customers

When operating worldwide, the most basic issue that people face is the language barrier. The language that you use might not be the language that your international customers communicate in. Hence, the business needs to mold their functions in such a way that the customers can interact easily. Another common issue is the currency exchange. It is important that businesses have such diversity that they can adjust the prices according to the place the customers are resided in. There are certain extensions that can help business with the issue. 

Delivery time?

The most common and important problem that businesses face is that of the time difference. When a business is operating on such a large magnitude, it has to make sure that it is satisfying the customers in every way possible. When the business ships its products and when they reach the client’s destination might be miscommunicated if businesses don’t account for the time difference. So, how can the business tackle this important issue?

There is a new extension by the name, Magento 2 delivery date that can be helpful for businesses around. This function is a very useful tool to tackle the delivery time issues. It helps in maintain the customers’ satisfaction and high sales probability. Lets check out some of its basic functions.


The best part about this extension tool is that it keeps into consideration that convenience of the customers. It gives liberty to the customers to choose their preferred time that is the most suitable for them and receive their parcel at that time. This will maintain good customer relationship and increase the chances of profitability for the business.


The extension helps in adapting to the robust calendar made in accordance to the business timings. For example, if the business doesn’t deliver on weekends or during festive periods, then those days will automatically be eliminated from the choices given. The customers will know about the preferred timings and will choose from them. This helps in reducing the overall cancelations.


There is no better way to carry out good customer relationship than by interacting with them. The tool includes constant interactions with the customers. The customers and business will receive a template-generated email after the order has been delivered. This assures that all the things are maintained effectively. 


Often people are unable to understand the entire delivery schedule of businesses. But with this excellent Magento 2 extension, the customers can adjust the configuration options with ease. The system is user friendly and the customers can take full advantage of this useful facility. 

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