Using Internal Link Building Can Help You Drastically Improve Your SEO in 2019

Written By Dale Hammington

A lot of business owners today understand how it is essential for them to have external links. Content marketing specialists will also agree with its significance. This is a crucial factor that decides the ranking of a business website in search engine results. The external links will form strong signals of trust in your business website, especially when other established business websites provide them. In this article, you will learn more about internal link building strategies to help in making your SEO stronger.

You will have seen that several business ventures stumble and are unable to recover as using the internal links was not one of their priorities. Internal links will help in creating a big impact on your business website. The internal links will not give you any link equity which external links will provide however they will be important in directing the traffic to those pages which had generally got a lower number of links and would assist you in boosting your search engine results ranks. You will need to have a working internal link structure and a solid internal linking strategy. These strategies will help you in finding the correct keywords which you can target and can address different competition with varying search volumes.

How will you be able to create a working structure for your internal linking strategy?

What the internal structure of the links will appear like would vary greatly on the specific underlying goals which you have. But it is important for you to focus on certain key elements that would always remain constant.

-Maintain click depths which are shallow – A lot of marketing and search engine optimization specialists have explained that when it takes a fewer number of clicks for going from one page to another or from the home page to any page in the website. The structure of the website needs to be shallow so that it can facilitate such seamless shifting from one page to another. Keep the important pages accessible easily in either two or three clicks after your home page. You can also use tag clouds, internal searches in order to facilitate the ease of access in websites which are more complicated.

-You must include the links of the main contents on your home page – You need to use both internal navigational linking and also contextual linking. The navigational links will be including the links of your header and the footer. The navigation bars will help the users to find the pages that are inside the same domain as the main website. The contextual links will be appearing with the contents of your pages, and these links will provide you better value for your SEO process.

-Keywords should be used in the anchor texts also – The search engine optimization procedures will need you to use the correct matching keywords in the internal linking anchor texts. But it is essential for you to ensure that the anchor text can inform the readers about what they can expect from the content which is linked. You will need to include the keywords in the anchor texts, and this will be easy to do when you have content which is well optimized. You also remember in giving the image links the correct alt attribute which will also have keywords in them and will act like anchoring the text for the text links.

-You should have the proper number of the links on every page – It is highly essential that you should be able to limit your total links into a number which is proper and reasonable. This will help in aiding the user readability. This will help you in avoiding getting marked out as spam. It is important that you should have the same URL for the different links in your pages. Thus, you need to have priority on the anchor text, and this will help your website get higher SEO.

-You need to ensure that all of the important pages get linked – The search engines will often get hold of a lot of orphan pages, these pages will not be linked with any other pages. The users will not be able to access them in any way. Thus, you must try to assess the nature of such pages and then you should decide on if you want to delete any of them and then link all of them or even block them so that they are not indexed.

The essential nature of having a solid strategy for internal linking

A lot of professional marketing strategists and analysts have assessed that around 81% of all business enterprises have some specific content aligned with their specific missions and goals and this will ensure which sort of content that you should try to develop.

This will also apply to the strategies for internal linking. When you understand the exact things that you require, then you will be able to build the proper strategy for your linking building. This will help in achieving your specific business goals.

You should try to focus on the following:

-You need to give additional and helpful information for your visitors.

-You must Help Google with all the other search engines to ensure that the website can load quicker.

-You must promote those pages which are on page 2 in the SERPs.

-You will have to improve the rankings for all the high, mid-level and low search volume keyword.

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Wrapping things up

Search engine optimization is one of the essential aspects to look into if you want your business to prosper. However, you will not be able to get a better optimization if you are unable first to get your internal linking in order. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article would have helped you.

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